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Froggirl_42 (froggirl42) wrote,
@ 2004-04-15 21:35:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:love of the loveless by the eels

    ok, on to something a bit more personal.

    i've found myself quite busy lately. i've found myself shamelessly promoting the panelli's open house deal. (granted, i'm also getting paid to do so.) it should be a good time. i'm going to miss out on it due to uela's booth at sunset concert. oh, well.

    i REALLY, REALLY have to get to work on my independent study. i have to take 8 chapter tests before reading study day. wow.

    so... i called to change the date on when Jessie and i want to move into our apt and found out this SWEET deal: if we sign our lease by friday, we will get the rest of april and all of may RENT FREE!!! obviously, this is something we were interested in. we are preparing the money order for the deposit and will be heading over to sign tomorrow afternoon... so as of tomorrow afternoon, i will be be in possession of my apt!!! i'm SOOO EXCITED!!! this is NOT going to help senioritis...

    i wrote my "pessimistic" article for the paper and turned it in yesterday. i received an email today saying it was too optimistic and asking me to re-write it. um... isn't that a good thing, though? regardless, i'm going to make it MUCH more pessimistic and return it. i have some GREAT ideas. if anyone would like to comment and tell me some things about ue that they consider worth bitching about, let me know!

    i've decided to get a cingular phone. someday i'll actually do that and i'll inform interested parties of the number.

    hm... i think that's all the noteworthy (well, at least in my eyes) things i have to say that you might care about.

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