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Pia (pia) wrote in friendsteroyale,
@ 2004-02-09 19:44:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Can't Help Falling in Love with You -- F4

    Please disregard previous entry
    Hi again! To all my friends who were concerned about me during the time na cool off kami ni Vann, thank you very much. But we aren't LQ na. We are already QL! :D

    To those who don't know the story: Vann and I fought coz he couldn't have Valentine's dinner with me. He said he had to do some hosting thing in Singapore. I got really pissed. Hello, this is Valentine's we are talking about! So I had that fling with Takeshi. I admit, I just used Takeshi for his body. Our relationship was purely carnal, but that's ok with Takesh. I told him that when we started doing um... you know. Anyway, Vann went crazy after that. He started obsessing about me and the magazine I was in a few months ago.

    Maxim: the magazine I modelled for.

    He kept writing me love notes about how he looks at the magazine when he is bored and lonely, and how it "really, really perks him up when he is feeling down".

    Vanness, contemplating my ass.

    To Vann,

    I'm so sorry, baby. Please forgive me. It's so hard for me not to get jealous coz of your work. I don't like sharing you with all your stupid fans who fantasize that you are their boyfriend. I know it's not your fault so I will try to be more understanding. I'm so sorry I hurt you. That thing with Takeshi, it was just sex. I'll make it all up to you with this smashing poem:

    I wanna himas
    your hairless chest
    and while i do that
    let us do this:


    That was my ascii art for French Kissing. So poetic diba?

    Poopsie, you bring out the artist in me. I love you. Happy V-day.

    Di da di da ek ek ek wo ai ni,
    Your snuggly hunny bunny, Pia

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