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Devin (freshnclean511) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 16:27:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Diplomats Mixtape Vol. 4...this shits raw as fuck....

    Yeah, school was straight today I guess...

    Priscilla becommin a little popular cuz of the fellas. They all like her. We walk around and shit a lot, everyone think I'm tryna, I don't really care, for her or what they think..

    She aint all that bright but yeah, I see what they all mean..

    Hmm...saw Katie a few times today, she sat wit me on the way home today..

    I'ma have to fuck this nigga up. His names Cameron but they call him Cam..Some other nigga was talkin bout "touch him on his shoulder" or some shit. At first I aint know what they was sayin but he touched my shoulder and I was like "what the fuck you doin?"...They thought the shit was funny..

    Then his girl was fuckin wit me, I got up like "who the fuck touched me?" and she said it was her.. I didn't care.. I wanted to split the bitch. I don't give a fuck, they don't know me enough to be playin like that. I swear tomorrow if that shit happens someone gettin fucked up. I mean I was like a second from swingin on that nigga and his bitch...

    So George was tellin me about him and Laura.. Man I don't really care... and I don't really get him either. But if he wanna stay depressed (or at least it seem like it) I can't do shit. If I told him what I really thought about the whole thing he wouldn't get me.. Talkin bout "if you ever fell in love you would know"...fuck that, see where love got yo ass right now? FuCkEd Up

    John told me some shit to, seems like Ashley broke up wit Doyin and startin talkin to some spanish nigga..That's funny too, but whatever..spendin too much time on one person's considered "talkin shit" so I'ma leave that where it is..

    Oh, John tryna holla at some ugly twins....Damn.....

    What else...hmm.. I'm goin racing wit the Ruthless crew Friday, it's gonna be raw as fuck..

    No one's e-mailed me back yet...

    Kiki/Keeshi aint online...

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