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Devin (freshnclean511) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 18:19:00
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    Current mood:Laid back
    Current music:Juelz - Jealousy

    Shit's been goin know, my usual drama.. but that's besides the point...

    Next week, Taylor is supposed to be commin here...

    Ahh, yeah, we're takin her down here.. She's stayin here. Which is great, I wanted her to come back down here for a minute. We've been plannin a few things, where to go that weekend..

    I would want her to meet Laura and Jamie, George again, John, Doug, Ted, Evan, S&S and maybe some of my charter camp.. Maybe she could meet Ashley... Most people would think thats a bad idea, but I don't know, I think they should see each other. I'm really askin for an ass kicking huh..

    I've been thinkin the past few days.. Since so many people bring the name up and I refuse to have it said infront of me..but Ashley... this is the first time I'm actually saying her name too..

    I've been thinkin...did I go extremely crazy on a girl that probably never said anything? Maybe she only didn't talk that day at the mall cause I never said anything? What if I did say something? I never really just shut someone like that out my life like that before.. so I was thinkin..

    And before you bitches blow up my phone, e-mails and Instant Messages, I don't like her. I don't ever plan on talking to her, but I dont really wanna seem like a guy that just dissed some girl for no reason.. I'm not gonna try to make anymore sense out of that though...

    Now there's Stephanie, the one in Melbourne...

    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:41 PM]: iz all good
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:41 PM]: y u always say that wen u kno its not..
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:42 PM]: b/c i try to look @ things in a good point of view so i dont get all pissed bout it
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:42 PM]: but honestly it does suck...
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:42 PM]: i duno
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:44 PM]: i did get a lil jealous wen u said dat she was fin b wit u..but sshh..dun tell devin! ok? ok
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:44 PM]: ANYWAYS
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:44 PM]: wow that shit is gay..
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:44 PM]: YuP
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:46 PM]: how she gettin down there?
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:46 PM]: plane
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:46 PM]: 4 real?
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:46 PM]: yea
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:46 PM]: but iz only 2 hours away
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:46 PM]: my stepdad outta town, my mom fin be in skool
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:46 PM]: n her parents
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:47 PM]: well, if i wanted her 2 come, her parents shudnt hav 2 drive
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:47 PM]: so..who cares...who bought the ticket
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:47 PM]: my moms
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:48 PM]: but we might drive up if she takes friday off
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:48 PM]: n we wud drive up early like at 5am
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:48 PM]: cuz my mom gotta go 2 skool or w/e
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:48 PM]: .....
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:48 PM]: wut now.....say it
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:49 PM]: nada..was jus puttin dots
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:49 PM]: i hadnt nuttin to i jus put em
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:49 PM]: .....
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:49 PM]: see
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:49 PM]: i jus did it cuz u did
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:49 PM]: so
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:49 PM]: lol
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:49 PM]: shutup
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:49 PM]: wow..anyways
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:50 PM]: well..if she really wanted to go to, she would ask her parents to at least drop her off or sumtin..shit...
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:50 PM]: as long as she had a ride home
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:50 PM]: her dad lives here, i kno her stepdad dont wanna go nowhere near here
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:50 PM]: her mom
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:50 PM]: ok..anyways
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:50 PM]: i dont carte
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:50 PM]: care*
    Fresh n Clean511 [5:50 PM]: rite
    LiLsHoRtYx420 [5:51 PM]: change subject

    Tell me what you thinkin man...

    And you know what, I remember Steph readin me the notes I wrote in 8th grade.. How they all mentioned Taylor.. so I guess there's something that she doesn't like. But what can I do. I don't think Taylor likes her either...

    Anyways....I want Taylor to come badly... I'm tired of jus seein other couples..

    Oh right after I typed that last sentence..look at this crap........... Wait, it's too much..

    So I guess Taylor just started reading my Journal a few minutes ago...Lemme tell you suttin..

    Man, fuck it, I aint even tryin that...It seems like whatever I put in writing, these motherfuckers wanna go bullshit about shit I wrote...EVEN WHEN ITS CENTURIES OLD...The fuck...

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