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Devin (freshnclean511) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 14:33:00
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    Current mood: moody
    Current music:Juelz Santana - Going Down

    I had another wierd dream...

    For some reason, me and George were no longer friends, actually, the only friends I still had were Doug, Evan, the Twins and Ted...

    There was some big argument on a Friday night between me, George, John, Laura and a few other people.. Then I brought up somethin like "Ever since this bullshit, we've all been fightin, nothin works wit these bitches" and yada yada yada, they don't wanna talk to me, yada yada yada. I told them to fuck off, and something like "You dissin your friends, people you grew up wit, for these people who don't know shit about you" and shit, then left. I didn't talk to any of them, it for a while it was like I was alone...

    It switches to another night, a few months later, like 6 months, and they are at Muvico, waitin for the valet to return their car. Somethin in the distance is bangin, like everyone is lookin at it, but they can't see it. They ignore it til it rolls up, and it's me, and a few other people, in I'm guessing a truck wit some rims and all that.. While the other valet takes my keys, I walk by wit my people, we all dressed up, and like I slowed down, and watched them, while they was lookin at us... Like I grown up and just gotten better since I forgot about them or somethin... I keep walkin and like nod my head, cause it's like I remember them but didn't need to bother....It's weird...

    It switches to me again, and George, workin at this place, but I think it's in between the two stories above.. It's both our first days on the job, yet we don't talk to each other the whole time. We're both remembering our past, how we were good friends back in the day, then it all went away... We both came outside (i'm guessing it's a resturant we're workin at) to smoke (which I don't do), at the same time. We both sittin outside, not starrin at each other, but like sitting right by each other...

    George said something like "How you been?" I dont really try to communicate with him, but I tell him some things...

    "Been good, what about you?.. Still wit that girl, um, L-"

    "Laura, yeah, ofcourse..."

    "Oh....that's good"

    "Yeah, you still talk to Taylor?"

    "Yep, she lives here with me now.."


    And so it went on, we talked about what's been goin on with each other, friends, work, shit like that. But we left it like that, we never really bonded again...

    It's sorta like when you meet a old friend from like 3rd grade again when you're in highschool, you say what's up and all, but it's not as fun as how it used to be...


    School was good I guess, my boy Jordan aka J-HOP made me laugh to the point I couldn't breathe this morning in first period... The kid can't read as well as everyone else, and me and my other boy Carl were laughin at him when he was readin out loud...

    I gotta talk about this kid though, he was tryin to hook up wit this girl Jackie and now he's tryin to hook up wit this girl Danielle, but she shut him down today during lunch...

    Me and Zirel walked up to her since he was actin like a pussy all of a sudden and was like "Yo, my friend wanna talk, he actin a lil quiet today but he wanna know about you." Then asked for her name, grade, all that there, but she didn't think he was all that...

    By the way, J/J-HOP/Jordan is Jamaican, Hispanic, White, AND Asian.. the weirdest combination I've ever seen. He looks like he's Mexican or Columbian, but wears this Jamaican necklace around his neck, talks like one, dresses like one, but loves Imports, and white girls... The kid is funny...

    Lisette snuck out of her class to chill wit us during lunch. Talked to her for a bit, Zirel was listenin to my CD player. They was talkin bout the movies tonight, but I just want it to be a guys night out.... Since we all not goin wit any girls (finally, no pussy around to make our fuckin decisions), tonight might be better..

    Tomorrow I wanna play some football..

    Oh, today is someones birthday I think, it was on my cellphone but I pressed the thing too fast to see the name. I didn't have a presents anyway....Damn, oh well...................

    There's something else about this girl in my lunch, I forgot her name but she's that twin I told you about before, that "Freak Bitch." She walked up to me when lunch was over and gave me a hug, I was like..

    Girl: NOTHING (In her spanish accent), I can't give you a hug?
    Me: But I just saw you walk by like a second ago..
    Girl: Wow Devin, you're such a loser
    Me: Right (start walkin away)
    Girl: Not even a kiss?

    Ooooohh helllll no. LOL, like I was some bitch.... The girl followed me to my 4th period too. Even when I had Zirel, Anthony, Danny and J wit me...

    This charter shit is wierd yo.. Wish I got this much attention last year...

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