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Muse In A Hat (oscillatewildly) wrote in freethought,
@ 2003-01-26 18:36:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Alkaline Trio, "Tuck Me In"

    Ethical "Dillema" Poll
    Poll #500: Ethical "Dillemas"
    Open to: all, results viewable to: all

    It is the 1930's, you live in a Nazi occupied country. You are a Jewish mother with two children -an infant and an 8 year-old. You have been captured. An officer informs you, as you are being herded onto transport, that you can only take one child with you, and that one must be left behind, and executed. He further informs that if you choose not to leave a child behind, you will all three be executed. What do you do?

    View Answers

    Leave 8 year-old
    0 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%)

    Leave Infant
    4 (80.0%) 4 (80.0%)

    Do not decide
    1 (20.0%) 1 (20.0%)

    You are spelunking in a cave that is only exposed during low-tide with 19 other people. High-tide is approaching, and your group is making its way back to the cave entrance before the cave is submerged. One member makes it out of the cave, the second person to leave is a very obese man, and he gets stuck in the cave entrance. High tide is fast approaching, if you do not find a way to get out of the cave, all 18 of you will drown. You have among your gear a stick of dynamite. Your only option for escape is to use the dynamite to open the cave entrance, thusly killing the obese spelunker, but saving yourself and 16 others. Do you use the dynamite?

    View Answers

    3 (60.0%) 3 (60.0%)

    2 (40.0%) 2 (40.0%)

    You are a conductor on a passenger train full of people. Your brakes have just failed, and your only hope is to slow to a stoop on clear tracks. A short way ahead of you is a fork in the tracks. On the track you are on are 10 men working. On the alternate track is a small child playing with a ball. There only thing you can do is switch tracks. There is not enough time to warn the people on either track. What do you do?

    View Answers

    Stay on track with workers
    2 (40.0%) 2 (40.0%)

    Switch to track with child
    3 (60.0%) 3 (60.0%)

    Your spouse is diagnosed with a condition that guarantees them a painful, grusome demise. The only treatment that cures it, costs an incredible amount of money. However, you are aware of a way to extort enough money to pay for the procedure from the company you work for with out any chance of ever getting caught. Do you do it?

    View Answers

    4 (80.0%) 4 (80.0%)

    1 (20.0%) 1 (20.0%)

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