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izzy (freerealm) wrote,
@ 2003-10-06 20:33:00
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    Current mood: creative

    "I'll do anything for a dollar"-Joe "Oh really???"
    Just got back from alyssa's apartment and we just spent about a good hr or so just blabbin on about the research. I don't feel like I'm contributing enough to the group, but i tried to make more use of myself. Everyone seems to have everything covered and my extra attention and help is not needed.

    Today was a great day, it was full of routine and damn i missed the routine. Didn't end up going to Rudy's but chilled with christine, went home an hr or so to ask my dad for help with my spanish essay.
    Ended up late for class bc i was still typin it was a load of bs and one of the worst papers ever. The bad thing is that I saw him 5 mins till class started on the way to the lab, and had a lil convo for a few minutes. Then I show up late, look in my backpack and see that I forgot my spanish wkbk and sat there for a good 45 mins doing nuthin. But all got better, and I'm over that.

    So now, just chillin here @ school, my computer is acting up again, and i wont use it unless i have to or sumthin or unless im that bored...SOOOO bored lol

    Work 2-7 tomorrow. Nice hrs ....Hey, I'm fuckin happy that I don't have to close!!!

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