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Jenn (free_starr) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 12:10:00
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    Current mood:frustrated yet horny
    Current music:no doubt with my sister and i singing as loud as possible

    oh the trials of a wedded life for one not yet wed
    we had, yes, another argument last night.
    because he lost his temper, no not with me, but that didn't matter much.
    it was that he lost it at all, and he goes berserk when he does.
    how am i supposed to deal?
    when he reminds me way too much of my father!
    i will not marry a man who will put me through the hell my dad has put my mom through.
    i will not stand for it
    but today, he did his apologizing thing,
    but wanted to skip the discussion and go straight for the make up sex
    though sex sounded just grand to me, not under the circumstances.
    i was still pissed and though he was able to get me laughing
    cause he always can
    i knew the issue had not yet been resolved
    and could not let it just drop like that
    so we said our i love you's
    and he went off to work
    still not laid
    but not as angry as he was last night
    and i came home to ponder it through
    and decide to discuss it with him, when the time seems right.
    hopefully tonight
    cause i'd love to do a bit of bed peace tomorrow
    and what fun is a day of bed peace without any sex?

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