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Rock on (fozgurl) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 22:26:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Hot Hot Heat - Lost and Naked in the City

    the show last friday was amazing. i kept hearing that they weren't good live but i thought they were awesome!!! i was in the mosh pit the whole time, here was the outcome:
    3 bruises
    2 times knocked on the ground
    2 times wind knocked out of me
    that's it!!! woooohooo, i showed them how it was. haha. it was super fun. the pit was awesome. i love shows, i want to go to them all the time, and i pretty much do. i also found a studded belt on the ground in the pit so now it's mine, hehe. it's very cool. shane was jealous. haha loser.

    i found out yesterday that the broadcast is coming back to fort worth on friday!!!! i'm so exctied they're gonna be at the aardvark. i don't like that club. it's small and crappy but since they're gonna be there it'll make it better. and plus i saw paris there once. ugh. i'm gonna throw up thinking about him. ok new subject...
    i want a boy. speciffically billy. hehe. i would thoroughly enjoy billy wrapped up in a bow and sitting under the tree on christmas morning. i want a band boy but i don't wanna have to put up with the band boy crap.

    i went to guitar center on saturday to get a guitar (it's awesome...solid black and beautiful!!!!) and one of the people that was working there gave me a flyer on my way out from a guy in the band God's Joke because he "thought i was cute and it was a personal invitation from him to see them" i thought that was nice. maybe i want a band boy after all. who knows. i need to focus on getting through 5 more days of school and then work over the break and then christmas and stuff and then the rest of school and then summer. haha then i will be too busy to think about how lonely i really am even though i tell myself i'm not.

    off to do christmas shopping and sleep. adios

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