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Ellie and Loz (foxi_females) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 00:15:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Sevendust - Bitch

    Hahaha..ok..It was my 18th bday on monday..I went out on Monday, tuesday and friday night..and it was aiight. I had quite a good time.

    Then saturday rolled round..the day of my birthday party..I got all upset..because I was going to dress as a school girl..but I lost my new I couldn't (It was my only black one to go with the white shirt :( ) So I wore my light purple dress :D..hehe..which was cool..but I got so stressed out..I had to cook the food for the buffet and such

    Yeah..well at the party..we went early, set it all up..and my mother went over to see the disco guys..and it was so funny XD..she tripped and fell on her ass..she looked soooo funny..i know that sounds bad..but it was!..It just cheered me up (because before, I was practically crying)..

    So I only had 30 people that turned up..which kinda pissed me off..mum said she was inviting family..but only a couple of family came..she was expecting me to invite the family when I don't know her friends and their numbers..weirdo.

    Well..I didn't buy myself ONE drink..they all bought me drinks XD..I got about 15 or I was happy! Hahaha..oh god..I got scared..Sheldon, my bestfriend Becky's other bestfriend, was told by becky to give me a bday this, I ran away, he grabbed me, forced my chin to look at him and kissed me, whilst I was pushing away. He was so drunk...

    Later, he knocked a table over, so I slapped his hand..and he grabbed my hand and started kissing up my arm, kissing up to my neck..I was like trying to run away, but like, where he had spilt the drink, I kept slipping and he was pulling me back onto the seat..i got away finally, my friend pulled me away ^__^ THANKS EMMA! was so drunk..he just..was all over me...he kept slapping my ass! ¬_¬...I hate people touching my ass! was funny though..the rest of the night was spent dancing..Kimmie was there and we had a of the disco people fancied her and they kept talking to her over the Microphone XD..was funny..Katie came and danced ^_^..hehe..I even got Dan on the dance floor! Hahaha! But only by dragging him up and having him dance with me. I get scared he gets the wrong idea about us..because we are just like..bestfriends..but I was dancing to the slow song with him..and I swear he fancies me or atleast thinks I fancy him..but I don't.

    I'm quite happy at the moment ^_^

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