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Ellie and Loz (foxi_females) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 11:05:00
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    Current mood: groggy

    Wellll..I've been right busy..
    Thursday I had school and then I went into town and met Becky..we did xmas shopping till like 6:30ish..and then at 7:30 I went to see LOTR's - Return of the King..hehe, it was cool..a bit long..I got told off for fidgeting...but I have to admit..I cried..(Movies are like..the only time I can I normally cry and most of them XD)..Then I came home at 11:30pm and had to wrap my presents..which took me til 12:10. So I went to bed..Altogether, I had like..20minutes at home..hehe

    Well yesterday was amusing was out Last day of school!!..which was cool..hehe..came in, got chocolate, got cards, got a pooing reindeer XD, erm..can't remember what else..Joe bought me a spiked collar ^_^ which was cute..erm..yeah..and I missed all my lessons and just hung with my friends, wearing santa hats and giggling. Everyone Loved the pressie I got Joe..(I bought him this kids guitar, and it has no strings, but if you put ya hands where ya meant to strum, it makes the sounds..its so cool)..hehe...

    In the last period..there was a end of term show kinda thing..hahaha..Mr Samson basically dragged three 'volunteers' up. Gav, Ryan and Rory*geek* there were tasks which they had to do..basically we went thru things ya gotta do on a date..LOl. They had 15marshmellows stuffed in their mouth and they had to say "Baby, you look good in anything ;)"..hahaha..was cool..(Gav was almost sick XD)and they were 'sexy' dancing with this dummy..and air guitar (they used the guitar I got Joe :D!)..hehe..well basically Ryan won, Rory came second and Gav was last..but it was hilarious..:D

    Then i went back to Emma's, ate, got ready..and we went to the pub for 5pm..everyone was there and they were already drunk..hehe..Matt Dencham bought me two drinks coz he owed me £4. Emma bought me a drink..and then I bought Emma a drink..and then I got another drink..uhm..I think I had another one aswell..but ANYWAYS, lets just say, we got nicely tipsy ;)..Me, Mel and Sophie were just staring at this guy behind the bar..he had a nice round butt, it was Perfect. Joe went and asked him to take a photo of it..and he did, cept Joes finger was over the camera >_<..DAMN IT..haha..Oooh! Scary thing happened, I was wearing devils horns..and this guy came and stole them and went off with I followed him..and they tried to steal my glasses too..I was like Ahhh..they grabbed hold of me and then this guy was like "Give him a Xmas kiss" and I was like Noo..and was trying to grab my horns but they wouldn't give them to me :( one was like "Lemme talk to ya a bit.." and told the guy to let go of me..and he let go of the horns too so I ran off!! HA!..was friends were sat there laughing at me..XD..

    Well we made fun of Matt and Joe..and then got a bus to the hill to the front entrance of our school..the gate to the sixth form block was locked so we had to walk ALLLLLLLL the way round..thats quite far..=/..Mel was out of it..hehe..

    We got to the hogroast..and it was just a disco type thing..everyone else was sat me and Emma went and played on the dancemat..Mel was hugging all the teachers and she got a kiss on the cheek from Mr Powell XD..HAHA!..she hugged the Deputy Headmaster...scary and Emma were just dancing and some of our friends came..we basically danced all night..drank, and ate a small plateful of food..haha..Barry was dancing..thats so funny..the disco guy dragged me off to go find teachers to come dance, I said Mr Davies, but we couldn't find I said Mr Gelder and pointed..and the disco man got the wrong person XD!!! HAHA..they got my old Maths teacher, Mr

    Erm..My german teacher was laughing at me..but hey, I don't care :P..we were dancing with Rick, Sophie was dirty dancing with him ;)..she likes him..other Sophie was chatting up Mike, after getting off with Richard Morton (Hobo!)..which annoyed other sophie because Mike is her bestfriend and she doesn't want him hurt..erm..Kate was kissing Jon Sharpe..but at the end of the night she was kissing Mark Holton (Toner..and Jon was really upset :(..what a bitch. Erm..I got kisses on the cheeks from Holton, Lofty, Dave, Joe and erm someone When the slow songs was playing, I either danced with Emma (messing around) or I was dancing with Joe, hugging him tightly. Bless, I love Joe, hes one of my closest friends and we just get on so hate..I'm either beating him up or hugging him. But it was sweet lastnight. At that point everyone was telling us we should go out..but that'll never happened coz I don't want to and it would spoil our wonderful(Haha, yeah right) friendship..hehe.

    Well..the taxi was 15mins late..we were the last to go..all the teachers waited with me for my mum to turn up..eeep.That was the end of my night..Lol..:D..I waited in the cold for half an hour for my mum..XD..

    Well I'm sorry I aint been updating or commenting as much..I've been like..erm..busy. and all..I haven't talked to PK :( or anyone much..ohh well..

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