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jen (fourthdimension) wrote,
@ 2003-02-18 01:55:00
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    Current mood:blissful
    Current music:you've got so far to go [alkaline trio]

    everything seems like it just fits. i can remember times in the past & laughing hysterically to the point of feeling like i would explode & i can remember crying until i felt like i was imploding. and i can do this, and i can remember this and it's okay. and i'm not angry or whimsical. it's just another chapter of life that i can put away and still look back on. it's not sore & it doesn't make my heart ache to think of it. and i feel so complete right now that i could write a novel, or fly. and not just in reference to prior mentioned situations, but in aspects of life in general. because i'm a good person, and i know good people. and experiencing life & livingbreathingspinninglaughing is enough to make me want to never stop smiling.

    you know, and it's okay for me to be immature & bursting in volume at times and then becoming introspective & serious; i'm allowed to have two (or three or four or seventeen) sides to my personality. that's okay. the world needs to learn that. because i'm tired of people acting like i'm either in some uber-elitest genre of people that can't have a good time or an immature brat that can't think beyond the sphere of the land of random. life is not an either/or experience, you can be more than one thing at once.

    snow allows for another day off tomorrow. this provides even more time for jen to not do her statistics problems. argh. and as pretty as snow may be to look at or dance through or think about as you curl up by the fireplace, twenty-eight inches of it is just not good in any way, shape, or form.

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