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ophelia (fountainhead704) wrote,
@ 2007-06-14 00:56:00
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    He called me. I was having a really good day at work. on my break I even deleted his number from my cell phone. It was almost the end of my shift and my phone rang and i hit talk and it was his friend Matt. I tried to be polite to him. I hung up, and then E. called. He called me a stupid slut, a bitch and said I was an idiot if I though I could get away from him that easily. I hung up. he called back two more times and I didn't answer. His number is once again saved in cell phone.

    I guess he was right, I can't get away from him that easily, because I am terrified of him and think about him constantly, what he's capable, what he's done, what he's said... and I dream about him; what he's done, what he might do... He rules my life.

    He knows where I live, because I wanted him to meet my parents. What is there to stop him from hopping on the train and coming here and coming after me? I wouldn't put it past him because for a week straight, he walked four hours across town just to wait outside of my work and follow me home which was another hour away. He knows where I live and I'm constantly working late and everyone is asleep when I get home.

    I was actually starting to get cocky about him. being cynically and calling him names. He was starting to lose that power he had over me. And now he has it all back and more because it scares me how easily he can have power over me, even from a three hour drive away.

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