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foemanknh (foemanknh) wrote,
@ 2011-08-31 11:45:00
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    How to distinguish from the outside fake omega watches
    omega watches are fake the most Swiss watch, and also one of the counterfeit watches all I've ever seen in a false, the highest level, some high copy replica rolex GMTMaster watch really enough to look genuine. What simple method, can distinguish true and false omega watches? Based on my experience, the following to introduce the:
    (a) see the production of case serial number
    Almost all the omega watches have production, serial Numbers, and it is a table 1, is the only. It is generally impressed on the back cover, or watch on the watch is a shell claw back, is a eight figures. If is the mechanical watch me, that eight digital production serial number can occur in the machine core splint on the edge of the serial number and swissreplica watchcase production machine is consistent.
    True table of the serial number of the production is impressed, deep and clear, if is engraved on the table on the back cover, it can also watch the circular arc of the back cover and consistent, that is, digital also are in arc shape arrays, fake watch are generally flat straight rows of. The current production of omega watches production serial number on a shell claws are behind the position of digital is carved a very small and dense, this approach is being fake watch also not to imitate. Fake watch production serial number are basic is a number, both male or female table meter, and whatever the paragraph, once I issued a existing 3 only false omega, the production serial number incredibly are the same (80456374, see photos).
    (2) see case logo
    Especially K gold watch, the label on case is more, such as balance design, 18 K or 750 mark, the head of st Bernard or "protecting the goddess" woman head, the markers are mark is very small and clear the stamping, fake replica rolex milgauss watch often are bulky and fuzzy.
    (3) see strap marks
    If is the metal bracelet, in the place also will discount bracelet engraved with some identification, must have a strap number, fake watch logo generally do bigger and lighter is coarser, this place can not do, on craft fake watch often here betrayed. If is K gold watch, strap rings must also is K gold buckle, must also be engraved with K gold signs that, no is plated with gold, recently found that some belt omega watches, the place where the problem, it means that at least it's not the original ones strap.
    (4) watch the pointer
    Counterfeit watches the soft spot in hands and don't see things, but not easy to small do very like. Omega is a pointer to the table of surface finishing, also very smooth very light, shape rules and fine (especially the second hand), on the night of the needle and dial the colors of the agreement. If can do a comparison, would not be difficult to find the differences between them.
    (5) see the character and lacquer seal face
    Dial characters should also be very neat and surface light, if is drilling, it first words should be natural diamond, and fake watch usually use "diamond", and do better than true table. Dial the paint on printing, including those letters and FenDao, should be clear very sleek, don't fake watch do better than dim and fuzzy. SWISS words and photographs should be the dial 6 o 'clock the position, and most of the glass AiJin aperture, fake watch this line of letters are printing of the comparison on top. (see photo)
    (6) watch the assure card
    Omega watches usually have 2 ~ 4 assure card (specific to watch model), is the dark, and credit card of the same size. With the number of watch (table type, production, serial Numbers, machine core number and with sellers), and blue chapter one-to-one watch. The content of the assure card: including international shipping guarantee when proof plan, precision, diamond guarantee and watch the function guarantee. Fake watch often have appeared the number does not correspond to the sellers not wrong, function of blue chapter.

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