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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-07-09 02:02:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:" Topaz" By: Jay Bocook

    hey hey! haha wassup?! nothing much talking to yong..:D:D:D who just told me hes bleeding and he doesnt know why?!! Ahhh!!!!! call 911!!!!! >.< Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha Yong got his hair cutt!! he just reminded me haha.. woop! haha i dont think he likes it tooo much though haha awwwwwww poor poor yong.. :-p.. havent heard from sharon in a few days.. grrrrrrr! haha its called UPDATE!!! hahaha gosh .. i think... yeh i will... here let me spell it out...U-P-D-A-T-E.. hahaha!! jk jk . you know i luss my SNooKeMS hahah :-p well todays practice was alrighty haha we are playing a song called "Topaz" one called "Malaguena" * known to the flutes as "yo momma" cause no one could pronouce it hahah* and im not sure if we are playing this one but its called " Tiger of San Pedro" haha yeh all spanitish tunes haha you like my word?! Spanitish hahaha!! :-p but they are pretty tricky on some rhythms haha sharon ya better hurry back hahah they arent easy haha the songs are like some of the hardest mills says haha but i guess some people just have easier times hahah yeh not all that hard for the flutes as long as you know how to count and play rhythms.. haha :-p after that PIECE-O-CaKe!!! haha :-p especially Topaz and San Pedro haha:-p but CTS..OoOO guess what?!?!? ok 2 things !!! ( i did this to yong earlier ) hahah!! ok thing number one!!.. IM WEARING SOCKS!!!! hahaha!! and NO thats not the ONLY thing ahaha!!! ok ok thing 2! I LOVE YONG!!!!!! haha course you probably already knew that hahaha!!yeh well you better!! haha cause its gonna stay that way!!! :-Dhaha i cant forget my SNooKeMS!!!! hah I love my SNooKeMS!!!!!! haha both so precious haha :-D well i think im gonna go spend the rest of the night sleeping with yong in my arms.. oh wait thats a dream S###!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* well i guess ill go DREAM about it then.. grrrrrrrrr...ooh wait.. ou can do anything in dreams.. hehe muhahahaha!!!!! *lightning flash with loud booming thunder* hahaha!!! :-p well ttyl biebies!! <3JNeL

    Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
    Sharon <3 Music? or *(secret guy)*
    Janelle <3 Yong

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