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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-07-06 00:08:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:"The Habit" By: Linkin Park

    hey hey ppl! haha woopwoop! tomorrow is the first day of summer band practice!!!! yayayay!! haha finally i get to leave the house!!!! hahaha~! :-p hah wowzers so excited!!! XD hehe wowzers! haha today was ugh tiring hahah we went from the Walmart in Valley which took a few hours (ugh) haha to the Walmart in PC which took even more hours haha.. i dunno how many ppl have stopped us and been like.. Hey!!!! how are you :!?! then that takes about 5 minutes hahaha today was crazy :-p well right now im talking to yong!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hahaha sooooooo happy :D:D:D:D haha i would put the poem i wrote him in here haha but i think its kinda a sacred thing to share.. especially with something so precious and deep hehe .. yeh i know before i put some in here.. well then i wasnt thinking hahaha i was being spontaneous like always haha and now i think that somethings should just be kept at the heart and sacred haha.. sorry to those who wanted to read it! haha awwwww dont complain haha some unread poems are better left to be...haha.. :D:D:D:D grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sharon is baaaaaaaaaaaaad haha shes gonna miss practice haha baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad haha but ill tell them what you told me to.. haha ;-) haha ill be waiting in the drum room hahahaha jk!!! haha wowzers weird and crazy ppl haha :-p haha ppl from band are gonna be like .. " you havent changed a bit!!!" haha so ?! haha i like the crazy way i am haha my friends seem to like it hahah im happy with it!! although i might alter a few PHYSICAL details hahah :-p i know wht your thinking ..*like what?!* haha hmmmmm.... dont htink i should answer that hahaha might piss off a few special ppl hahah :-[ :-p and its only a few more days til Hawaii.. haha hmmm Yong says i should be happy and enjoy it.. but i dunno its kinda hard going miles and miles away to an island where no one knows you and not being able to talk to your friends .. hmm.. guess you can say i a little scared? haha dont wanna lose my life anymore... and espcially dont wanna lose the ppl in it!!!! that would be like dying all over again!!!! ]>.<[ and i know ive said that before and sage and katie have told me it'll be ok.. but i have my worries.. haha yeh.. so please pray for a safe trip :-D i would appreciate it..hah thanx :-Dand pray for sharon's safe return too!!! aww heck while we're at it haha .. pray for everyone!!! so everyone is safe, sound, and well!!! :D:D:D haha ;-) *sigh* wowzers .. hmm.. lets see what else?! hmmm.....i dunno haha.. :-p well besides some ppl need to update their blogs!!!!!!! *HINT HINT* hahaha!!! yes you and NOT ONLY SHARON !!! hahah! :-phahaha wel you dont have to haha i just olike reading ppls thoughts and stuff haha... umm...hurmmmmmmm... ugh i cant wait til SUNDAY!!!!! hahah AUGUST 1ST!!!! hahaa see yong hopefully!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D well i guess ill go now haha go talk to yong!!! :D:D:D:D ttyl biebies~!!!! <3JNeL

    Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF!!
    Sharon <3 **(secret guy)**
    Janelle <3 Yong!

    P.S~ sharon did you tell him yet?! hahaha jw!!

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