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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-07-01 20:01:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:" Down " By Blink-182

    hey hey! haha wassup?! haha nothing much here just having an "OTAY" day haha yuppers.. started out great and it looks like its gonna end the same way hehe :-D well right now im playing my keyboard and i came up with a new song hehe not exactly finished yet but im working on the ending heheh havent even thought of a name yet hehe :-D oh and i need to find more paper so i can write to sharon in "Destiny" (the notebook) hehehe yeh i call it destiny.. i dunno just liked that name haha :-p wowzers 5 more days!!! and its GO TIME!!! haha (talking about band) hahaha! >.< get to see eurrbody again woop woop! well except 2 of te greatest people grrrrrrrrrrr haha :-p hey yong! i found another lead pencil! hahah im not breaking this one i NEED this one hahaha! the other one is still in 5 pieces! hahah :-p haha sharon you know how birdyman ( my parrot) is alway sqwuaking while im on the phone in my room..? wel shes sqwuaking now!!! ugh!!! hahah > -_- < (me covering my ears) hahaha shes LOUD!!!! she seems to be a little more quiet when i sqwauk back haha :-p *yawn* whooo nope cant get sleepy now hehe i know i need to recollaborate my sleeping habits and my exercise habits cause i need to get ready for band camp.. hehe.. last year was a new deal with the suicides (ugh!!!) and the push-ups and such hehe i didnt mind the push-ups tho :-p wow im talking to grace!! haha i think its grace hehe pretty cool havent talked in a while hehe..hmmmmm... getting a little bit of info hmmm...:-|...*sigh* what to do what to do ...i thin im gonna pratice on my song and talk to grace for a while then.. ttyl bies! <3 JNeL

    Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
    Sharon <3 JMaN ?
    JNeL <3 Yong

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