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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-06-20 16:09:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:" 1,2,3" By: Brian McKnight (not sure about name of song)

    Oh Happy Day.. haha
    hey ppl..yeh the last few days were stressful, but thankfully Yong always seems to bring a smile to my face. :-) i cant thank him or sharon enough for what they've done for 'em both like crazy :-) ooh and update on te church thing yong..well today my mom walked into my room and she looked me dead in my face and asked " are you ok?" with this really sincere look on her face..i just looked kinda confused for a moment then shrugged my shoulders and said " i dont know" she started laughing..then i asked "why?" she goes " i was just wondering cause you havent been to church in the last few weeks.." *she walks out* so that kinda gave me the idea that i might be able to actually go that sunday .. it looks like a RRREEEAALLLLYY good i just have to ask sharon.. lol..but about that trip... im not too sure.. lol..i mean my parents had a problem with me staying over at sharons house ( because we wouldnt be able to return the favor cause they are never home) but it seems that things like group outtings, they tend to be more lineant.. so theres a chance but its not as high as church =-P i think mainly cause its farther away than a 15 min drive.. and plus.. im goign with my bf haha..yeh i think they would kinda be like.." WHAT WOULD YOU TWO BE DOING WHILE THE OTHER PPL SHOOT FIREWORKS?!" lol.. i know if i go they would ask a million questions before and a million questions after.. haha but it would be worth it haha.. it would completely awesome..just awesome lol.. *sigh* - that vision again :-D wow.. for the first timein a long time my room is actually a mess haha.. yeh i need to pick up before my brother gets here.. haha =-P wel brb then its 4:23 PM now so .. be back in a few min...ok woop woop im back haha... yeh i had a little detour thing *ahem*trash*ahem* haha yeh.. had to take out the trash . and get my mom an onion for the some of the food shes cooking..dang my dad says my mom works hard and stuff and that other ppl need to do something.. but hes not stopping her today huh? dang.. grrrrr bad daddy baaaaaaad.. but anyways.. yaya!! my oldest brother Jose ( the one who caked me at the party) is coming with his gf Vanessa.. yuppers..get to see them after a little while..usually i tend to wanna stay away haha..ooh yeh and yong.. the only ppl who hasnt seen you before(on cam) are my parents haha..well and Vanessa.. but both my brothers have.. haha..=-P woop woop! lol yeh.. dang its HoTT!! my rooms the hottest room in the house.. it sucks haha..whoooooo.. well anyways.. yeh todays going ok for now... cant wait til i see and talk to my yongerz and SNooKeMS again lol.. hold bam bam in my arms again .. *deep sigh* :-) or do something complete crazy (normal for us) with SeenYo EL Duke .. haha i think thats waht im gonna call you sharon.. SeenYo.. almost sounds like a mix of Spanish with Korean haha..cant wait yong!!! 50 days and counting!!! and another thing,.. guess what?!?! tomorrow our 1 month!! haha WOOP WOOP!! the longest we've been together..well..we never really left each other..but.. technically hahah..yayayaya!!!! really really really happy about that!!!!! its the longest i think.. haha woop woop!!!!! sooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!! if my dad were to lighten up right now, ill be completely content..haha..but i doubt he will but hey its wishful thinking hahah..=-P well im gonna go..*mmmmwuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhzzzzzz* to BamBam and SeenYo !!! the greatest ppl in the world!!! <3 JNeL

    SeenYo -N- JNeL BFF AAF
    Sharon luss J-man
    I luss BamBam

    P.S~ let me know if you heard anything on sarah..hopefully shes alright..

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