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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-06-14 04:51:00
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    Current mood:Unknown
    Current music:"Emotionless" By:Good Charlotte (The Young and the Hopeless)

    Pray for everyone!!
    Damn today kinda had its downfall (momma news)..well its gets worse..just really bad bad stuff..( wont be told due to unapproved personal reasons) well this "something" happened..and its just really made me think... i need to tell everyone i love that i love them really soon, cause i might not have another chance-:-(- >.< i realize that now- you know what, when all my friends meet up for band practice once again and we have some free time, im gonna do that.. like a big group discussion >.< i need to just tell people now so when i die, they will know..yeh..something really sad or depressing is going to happen... i can feel it >.< i need to seriously take a vacation and calm my nerves..i dont sleep anymore..i donteat anymore, all i mostly do now is think..about my friends and everything..and of course you know i think about yong..all the time *sigh*..what would happenif i were to die right now?.. have you ever thought about that? like who wouldmsmile and who would miss you and stuff? sometimes i just want to know who truely cares..well sharon, this is gonna sound weird, but i know j-man does for sure..i remember around the last few days of school, he and i were talking on the floor about..well, life in general..and he found out about my scar (for ppl who dont know, dont ask) and he said something about about that and my guy dilema everything.. i almost started crying..i mean no offense to anyone, but for those few minutes, for the first time, i felt like someone was looking at ME.. the real me.. the she -really-does-have-issues version.. my soul..and he actually cared for me...more than a friend almost like i i dunno..hmm..Jeremy green also said something to me about that..he said " your life's too precious to waste" i didnt really believe him or understand him at the time..>.<.. so i want everyone i know to know that i love them and thank god for them (except my dad sometimes)..yeh there are times when we bicker or are so close its scary (telepathy symptoms i swear-sharon!), but just know that i love you guys and i would die for anyone of you in a heartbeat..:-) i care for all my even if you wouldnt return the favor, thats alright..maybe someday you will change your mind.. if not.. oh well..ill just die knowing i did a good thing for good to get that out..hmmm..well i guess ill go for now..i love you guys!! <3 JNeL
    Sharon -N- Janelle BFF AAF
    I <3 Yong
    Sharon <3 Jeremie

    P.S~ Ppl need to update their journals and **HINT HINT** that just goes to 2 very special ppl that i cant live without.. :-)

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