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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-06-11 20:35:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:" I Miss You" By:Blink 182

    woot woot!!
    lol hey ppl !! you can see im kinda happy from the well i talked to yongerz today and yesterday .. it was awesome! :-) our convos are always hilarious and yeh i was FINALLY able to view your blurty sharon(cause the last one had unexplicit language) lmao! wow.. the things ppl talk about lol!! tulip of sunshine?? and i was lauging so hard on the josh rogers ad 10 fingers one ..lmao! wrinkles??? hahah!*sigh* im really gonna miss ya be careful so that way i can jump on you when you get back SNooKeMS!! =-P..hmm..lets see..uhh..well i talked to yongerz today for a long time about 5 hours lol.. but i loved every minute..:-D...buh right now im just sitting in my room (yes its clean sharon lol) just typin here..probably gonna listen to some music or play some..hmm.. dunno yet..oh which reminds me sharon i still have that pillow you gave the one that said "Sweet Dreams" yeh its like the main show piece of my i love it! so cute with the sparkly things on there lol.. and the little tht reminds me of the kitty i drew..hey i just realized that.. WHOA! lol.. slooo i yeh an i read your email they were hott as hell huh? lol!!..hmmm.. i was gonna write ya back buh i didnt kno what else to talk about or bring up.. i couldnt think of anything lol.. and im having trouble now gonna miss SNooKeMS.. my Yongerz <3....eurrbody..(lol eurrbody-sharon) hey yong! i still wish it would ;-) even tho on the phone the sound just came out TeRRiBLe.! lol!! hmmm.. band well i guess ill get going.. i really cant think of anything else to say lol..well ttyl biebies <3 JNeL $/\/ôô|<£|\/|

    Sharon -N- Janelle BFF AAF
    I <3 Yongerz!!!
    Sharon <3 Jeremie ;-)

    P.S- The song on this page is going out to all my SNooKeMS.. my friends and my YoNGeRZ!!! I miss you guys!!! *mwuahz*

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