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Freya (fluffypinkpunk) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 10:51:00
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    Lol this is fun. jacks slagging off danny a now. ha. he said.. 'because hes over opinionated, he seems to think his opinion is always right, hes full of himself and seriously self righteous and puts other people down.' lol i think hes sweet. i wonder why he invited me up there. part of me thinks that.. i dunno im gonna get showed up, like ali might be there and ... ooh i dunno lol i just hope its me and danny and no one else. lol. and his many cats. benji came online this morning. didnt say much, just wanted 2 know why i was in leeds. im still really upset about ash. im trying my best not to think about it. but it is pretty hard. i stayed up till like 2 am lastnight talking to charlie. he wants me to give him another chance. i cant. if u get stood up one more time ill scream. im too vunerable. lol. Yuck i have a tan. :( oooh that guy was online lastnight too, ste. i was acting all upset and he said he could tell id just had a bad break up. he said its up to me if i wanna wait till ive got over ash. i dunno!! hes really sweet (ste) Im so confuzzled! so many guys... all mixed up aaaah! *scratches head* I think benji was with rosy yesterday. he was with a loada girls anyway. lol. im bored. its only 10:55 and im going to dannys at 12.... maybe i can go there early? IM SO BORED bindi is making strange noises but at least theres a decent song on tv *its a wicked world that we live in, its cruel, and unforgivin*.......... *wooh wooooooooh.... wooh woooooh*
    lol BuhByez XxX

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