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x Sarah x (floodtheblood) wrote,
@ 2004-03-19 01:54:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:The Ramones- Lets Dance

    Uhhh not much time to chat i gotta get my ass in bed. mmmmHmmmm. I just smoked some good old hash with my brother. :D. He's going to detox. good stuff. Uhhh i got kicked outta school. Well braitwaite. Cuz i got suspended for "Smoking on School Property" again. Fuck Im up to EIGHT suspensions in fucking grade 9. Only a little niner, but yet i have managed to mess up again. Hmmmm. Yeah... Im going to north park now. Been there about a week. :s Dont really know any one yet. Met some people. meh. Not like friend friends. Wow im typing like a mad mother fucker. Uhhh Tomarrow i get to see james he's going to Quebec for the week. leaving on Sat. Damn luck bastard. Yup. Im going to a "special meeting" with shannyn on sat. get to stay at the royal York. Gah. Yay. Uhhh what else. ***** ** ***** ** *****. Dont say i didnt warn u (ignore that) uhhh... yeah been to 2 partys over that march break. fun fun. Shannyn has E. Yay... im not doing it... that shit fucks u up... any ways its fucking getting late... hmmm what time is it? hmmm 1:50. AM! shit i gotta sleep... ttul. try to update this more ofter. And keep my site up and running. Yeah so... Blah Gah Meh later.

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