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Rachael (flirty_girlie16) wrote,
@ 2003-12-28 00:57:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:"God send me an angel", by: Amanda Perez

    ok well to start off with, for x-mas i got the show "friends" season 4. and well on the very last disc in the case with the very last show for that season, (i wont tell the whole story so ur gonna go have to go out and buy season 4! OK?!) i was gonna die! because it said to be continued! WTF IS THAT ALL ABOUT! so then i was in desperate need to find out what happens next so tonight wen i finished watching season four me and my mom went to target and best buy to get all the other seasons (including season 5 so i could find out WHAT THE FUK HAPPEND TO ROSS,RACHEL, AND EMILY! DAMN!) sorry, well any wayz... and now im watching season 5 and every thing with ross and rachel goin on (just to fill ya in, ross and rachel are 2 of the characters in friends if there are any of you ummm... "Anti- 'Friends' watchers" here.) i am just realizing how much i want some thing like that. u know like a .... relation ship and i just want so much to find some body i fall in love with. most of my friends...well....ALL of my friends tell me we r 2 young to know what love is and well i...i have always loved LOVE... lol well, if any 1 here has seen "Moulin Rouge" i strongly believe love IS like oxygen, and the greatest ANYBODY will ever learn IS just to love and be loved in return. I am just too impatient and i have soooo many feelings bottled up inside me i just cant take it any more! I JUST WANT TO BURST OUT CRYING!!!!!!!! well, there was this one sort of..."Relationship" with this 16 well NOW he is 17 year old. and he told our friends that i was "the cutest" thing and i was "to die for" and well he would always kiss me on the cheek (just letting every 1 know, this was all summer 2003) and ya know a kiss is a kiss right? so technically it WAS my first kiss from a guy and i wanted so much for one kiss on the cheek to slip to a kiss kiss! like a REAL KISS on the lips because i liked him ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that i told him i loved him. @ least i THOUGHT i did until i found out he slept with some slut Christina in the back of a truck after dirt bike riding all day together!!!!!!!! and yes, he was my first heart break, and i just cant wait till i find THE one. i am dying for some one i can TRUELY love with all my heart and some one to feel that way for me in return. some one who doesnt care that im small for my age ( I AM PETITE! NOT FUKIN SMALL OR SHORT ALRIGHT!) and some one i can be my self with. and some one who isnt afraid to take risks and give me my first kiss or do some thing totally romantic,some one who can wrap their arms around me and never let me go... AND WHEN I FIND THIS PERSON I WANT TO BE EXACTLY THAT WAY FOR THEM TOO! please post a comment (and LEAVE UR NAME DONT JUST PUT ANONYMOUS ON IT! I REALLY HATE THAT SHIT!) i just really want advice, like am i goin about this the wrong way? am i stupid to just put all my faith in love itself? am i just a fool waiting for cupids arrow to hit me in the @$$?! please some one just post a comment!!!!!!!!

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