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Kathleen (flirteygirley) wrote,
@ 2004-01-21 18:55:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Stairway to heaven- led zeppelin

    First i'll start out w/ whtas been going on and THEN i'll say what im SO Pissed off about
    this morning i woke up soooooooooooooo tired :( then steph took me and tammy to school and then m eand tammy saw erika and anna and talked to them this morning.
    then in english we read a play and i forget what else. meh.
    then in dance we did improv. bleh its so embarrasing and dumb. crystal didnt come into class until like the last 5 mintues so she was lucky she didnt have to do that improv shit
    then in u.s history we took notes.. like always.. then before lunch i met up w/ heather and erika by my locker, but erika realy needed to go to the bathroom so i figured that me and heather could meet up w/ crystal at lunch, but we got there and there were no seats left at crystals table :( so we jsut sat down on the ledge thing. erika sat w/ kathelen and sarah on the floor. it was a pretty boring lunch, me and heather talked about the president. when you talk about that then you know your bored lol.
    then back in u.s history we did murals, he spilt the class in half and of couse i got the dumber half. the other half of the class got up right away and started drawing on theirs.. our half of the class sat in our seats for like 5 minutes then we got up and drew some stuff, ours was terrilbe. it was actually pretty funny it was so bad. the teacher was like that is good! haha.
    then in art it was gay b/c we had to draw skeletons.. oh boy that sucked. i listend to joes matrix reloaded cd (i think thats what it was) it was interresting.. lol
    then after school i talked to peru for a little while. then i saw crystal and we talked for a ltitle while, then i saw tammy and we rode in the car w/ steph and we blasted hilary duff and me and tammy sang lol.
    then i came home and watched madtv, it was great :) then i took a nap and then a bubble bath. now im watching american idol and then im watchign the oc. i dont have homeowrk yet again.
    now why im pissed off, some IDIOT commented in my journal that im nto a real hp fan adn that i only like it b./c of the cute actors, if taht is the truth then why do i read the books all the time? i LOVE the books, i LOVE the movies, the cute actors make it a bonus. the biggest insult to me is beign told im nto a real hp fan. ive never had anyone else say that to me b/c they all knwo i am. i am obessed. i get fucking made fun for it. ask cj, i talk to him nonstop about harry potter it even annoys him. he knows im obsessed, even the peopel that hate me now know that im obsessed. *sigh* dont start on me w/ harry potter. call me a freak or a loser or a bitch or anything you can think of but dont EVER say im not an hp fan b/c you will NOT hear the end of it. IDIOT!

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