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Kathleen (flirteygirley) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 22:02:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:more than a feeling -boston

    today was a rockin day
    i woke up by my dad coming in my room and waking me up, he said didnt want me to drive to school so he said he'd drive me, so me tammy and sarah rode to school w/ him and it was pouring down snow.. then in the morning i came up to the enlgihs trailer and me and joe wnet outside on the ramp and were playing in the snow and he threw snowballs at people, then we went back inside and our teacher didnt mkae us do any work so i just talked to hiim and peru. it was fun.. then in dance we had a partner and made up a dance, it was arlight, my partner is raelly good so i feel terrible when im dancing w/ her.. then in us history i twas boring as hell.. ugh.. then during lunch i got food w/ erika heather and kathleen.. then we went to sit down and sarah and ashley were already sitting there.. i talked to erika and heather and kathleen mostly.. then me erika and heather wnet to the snack machine and talked mostly then i walked w/ them back to our 3rd periods b/c they are right near each other.. then during art we drew and then the teacher let us play outside and make snowmen!! it was fun :) then after school i found natalie b/c she was rididng home w/ me. then i found tammy and then sarah adn went to the carpool line and we went home, then i had a kidn of bad conversation w/ someone adn got really upset, then i talked to heather and we decided to hang out, we went to see the movie stuck on you, it was cute and we were the only ones in that movie theatre!! it was rockin! then we went to the mall and i got a REALLY cute shirt at delias, its like purple w/ big bright pink letters that say HIDDEN TALENTS hehe and me and heather got these arm warmers they are really cute and soft and will keep my arms warm when i wear t shirts and stuff, then we went to claires and looked at stuff and tried on those hair extensions things and stuff, then we went home around 9 and i dropped her off and came home, i asked my dad to see school of rock w/ me tommaore at the $1.50 theatre again :) he said he might! i also talked to crystal and i wanted to hang out w/ her tomamorw but she rarely hangs out w/ me.. :( oh well we'll see! tammy said that i can hang out w/ her and that lee boy who is english sometime!!! i cant wait, i want to be his ferind! hes so cute and im in LOVE w/ english guys w/ english accents haha! anyway i hope i do SOMETHING tommarow.. bleh.. not many people ever want to hang out w/ me :( its sad that my dad is my best friend :-\ oh and my blankie. anyway i dunno what else to say other than you cant really trust anyone anymore.. things seem great and then the next thing you know it all goes downhill in a flash.. screw everyone who likes to ruin my happiness..!! well i hope linda leaves my dad alone tomamrow so that i can hang otu w/ him! evil woman.. i miss living w/ my dad and sister :( i want to get out of this house so much :( maybe he'll realize linda isnt right for him, shes mad at him like all the time and it pisses me off so much.. anyway im done

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