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Abby (flipflopjunky) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 11:47:00
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    Current mood: excited

    ok my mom was born and raised in a small country town and no not Reddick. lol. but like whenever there was sumone new would move in she would give them a jello thing that looks bad (so now she does cake.) and since we moved and everyone is new to us we went to the four other houses in the court. so here are my neighbors.

    ~ To the right of our house there is Ms. Hendricks. She hates being called by he last name bc her husband died 3 years ago so she insists that we call her franny. she is like the spunkiest old lady i ever saw. she never sits. and she told us all of these great stories. like she use to play baseball. and u can tell bc her whole house is baseball. like everything. her doormat is a base. lol. so she told us a few stories about her career. she is like my favorite old person and she baked us cookies. sugar ones that had icing on it to make it look like a baseball. lol. im gonna have all my friends meet her.

    ~ the second house on the right is the jacobs. there is lisa and mark. a newly couple with their baby Jennifer. most likely ill be babysitting. they r living there until their house on clover is finished. which is like a month. they seem ok but like they hate their house and this neighborhood and just have a bad attitude about it. so im sorta glad they r leaving.

    ~ then the second house on my left is the samson. we went to their house to greet them and they we like.... this is albert im irene and we cant eat cake. goodbye..... i think they lived there for like ever bc they had that down good. they aren't social as u can tell.

    ~then the house next to us on the left. ahh the madhouse. i think to many people live in that house. there is mr. tim and mrs. maggie prince. and here is the list of their children. Alex-16 who gets his room in the basement, Jamie-12 and Nicole-10 who share a room and Simon-7 and John-4 who also share a room. they just need alice a dog and another gurl and then they r the brady bunch. lol. when we went to the door they gave us a tour of the house to show us that all of them fit fine. and i think either maggie is a little chubby or another one is coming. my mom or i didn't want to be rude and ask. i met everyone except alex and jamie who was at their friends house and at work.

    so after our little journey my mom went to cook supper and i went outside and played basketball. like ten minutes later i saw that alex came home. he has a car and by looking at it he is a delivery boy at jesus crust. (pizza place) he is really good looking. and tall. he has brown hair that is all messy like i like and he has green eyes. bc i didn't want to look like a retard i started playing again. i love playing basketball. it just gets me so pumped and my energy flowing. alex came over and yeah here's our convo from what i remember.
    him- hey so ur the gurl who moved into this house
    me-yeah i guess i am
    him- so u play basketball?
    me-yeah i did the last two years but i think i need to get better to be able to play in highschool. u know there is more competition.
    him- yeah bigger school. more people. its fun though. so ur a freshman?
    me-yeah im gonna be.
    him- thats cool so ill see u around
    me- yeah
    him-hey ur name is abby right
    me- *butterflies in stomach* yeah and ur alex right. i mean thats what ur parents said and they should know ur name. for if they dont thats weird
    him-yeah that would be. laughs. well i gotta go and change out. maybe after dinner i can give u some pointers on basketball. and we can play a game?
    me- sure.
    him- ok bye abby nice talking to u
    me- bye

    i dont know what is happening to me!!!! does it seem like i like him? am i the worst girlfriend ever? ahh. jared is the best and i dont want to loose him but then there is another side of me who sorta likes alex even though he probally has a girlfriend.

    i putted down the ball and ran. i ran all over the neighborhood. up and down the three streets we have. then i ran to jareds. i went up to his bedroom window. he saw me and opened it.
    j-abby what r u doing here. u know i have a door.
    a-yeah i know but i thought i might as well go to ur room
    j- did u run here?
    j- y
    a- i just wanted to say that ur the best boyfriend ever and that i dont think i derserve u
    j- no ur the best girlfriend ever abby
    ::then he kissed me::

    i ran home after that. i dont feel like the best girlfriend ever. he likes me and only me. and i cant say the same back. but i dont even know alex so shouldn't like him. i have no reason to like him except that he's really cool and nice. and y am i feeling bad cause at least i didn't do nething with him. except talk. ahhh

    once i got home i ate. i then spilled out everything to my mom. idk it just all came out. she says i probally dont like alex but maybe that i might be drifting away jared to even like someone else. she might be right. so i called jared and asked if he wanted to do sumthing. he said sure and that i shouldn't have to run to his house this time and that he would come over. i tried to say no bc alex might still come over and he just worked his charm so i gave in. i didn't want ti to get confusing later so i asked jared if for like an hour or two if he wanted to play basketball and said that her neighbor wanted to play. he sounded happy and said yes. he loves it about as much as i do.

    so i practiced outsode and alex came over. i said that my boyfriend was gonna play too. he didn't sound sad at all. he was just normal and said cool. i guess he didn't like me. he asked if he could call over his girlfriend so its even. see he has a girlfriend and he didn't like me bc he was true to her. i feel rotten for the thought of me liking him. but i dont know if i do.

    so the four of us played. it was fun. it was jared and me vs alex and his girlfriend Kelsey. we won by like 2. so after that alex wanted to treat the winners and we went to the grocery store and got tons of icecream. after that i went to give jared the grand tour. i got only to my bedroom before he kissed me. i really like jared. bc we can be serious and then we can be dorks.


    wow i wrote a long entry

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