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BeAcHbUm (flbeachbum) wrote,
@ 2004-08-04 23:09:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:my depressing switchfoot cd

    blah. im so upset.
    today sucked. well not totally. marian slept over for my birthday..wooh my birthday was a bomber too, i sat at home like all day until dinner and then thats when i celebrated my birthday. marian and i watched "what lies beneath" and its a really good movie. i liked it, just a little bit freaky tho. all in all we had a good time. i <3 her shes a totally awesome friend and im so glad shes back from venezuela.
    I still havent gotten my summer homework done and im not too happy because i have 6 days until school starts and if i dont finish it by then, i fail. i dont think im going to do that well in high school, getting up early and trying to make my brain function. fuck school.
    Matt hates me. its official. i told him my real age, i had been lying to him for awhile, i felt like shit that i was lying to him so i finally had to get it out and i feel more shitty now than i did before i was lying to him, someday i know ill feel better that i told him. he doesnt trust me anymore which i understand, cuz i would trust me either. i <3 him, he's like my brother but it hurts so friggen bad that he hates me now. and now, im crying again. great.

    FUCK TODAY!!! i wish it would end.

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