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Nick (fishyboi80) wrote,
@ 2003-07-24 22:54:00
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    Before i forget it
    i was telling heidi about a dream i had about nicky.. it's the only one i've had that i remember, but i thought 'i'd better put it on here so i won't forget it, either.

    Lime Fish 7: ok.. well i was in this hallway.. and it was really empty.. there were doors all along it, kinda like a hotel hallway.. and the door i can thru was green.. but the walls and everything else, even other doors, were bright orangey-yellow.. and down the end, i could see another hall area, going like a T to the one i was in.. i was in the l part of the T.. and there were ppl walkin by the mouth of the hall i was in.. so i walked up to there, and i looked down the hall both ways, but i couldnt see where the ppl
    Lime Fish 7: were goin' or where they were comin' from.. then nicky came out of no where, he's like "you're not supposed to be here" and drags me down the other end of the hall i was in, and he's like "you aren't supposed to be here, you have to leave right now" i'm like "no it's aiight, calm down" and he goes "no, leave." i'm like "nicky its ok" and he goes "i MEAN it, you have to go before they see you" i'm like "who?" he goes "all the people" i'm like "those people?" he goes "yeah, they can't see you yet, and they
    Lime Fish 7: can't. so you have to leave." i'm like "ok.. so come with me" he's like "DUUUHHH i cant" and kinda forced me back out the door i came thru...thats all i remember of it
    Lime Fish 7: i know there was more, but thats all i remember

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