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Nick (fishyboi80) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 01:15:00
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    Poem for Nicky
    The first time that my eyes landed on you
    You looked like a blood-red raisin laying there
    Inside a plastic bubble, wrapped in a blanket
    Subjected to a million people's stare
    You had every feature of a human being
    Ten tiny fingers, and ten little toes
    I couldn't believe that you were a part of me
    That you even had my nose
    Hardly any hair was atop your little head
    Your movements were so slight
    But the first time my eyes landed upon you
    I love you with all of my might
    The first time that my arms wrapped around you
    It was my seventeenth birthday
    And there were no words that come to mind
    That I could have had the breath to say
    The feeling of your weight against my chest
    Your fingers wrapped around mine
    I didn't want to put you down again
    Even when the nurses said that it was time
    I could have sat there for the rest of my life
    There was nothing else I wanted to do
    I would hold you forever if only I could
    It was the first time my arms wrapped around you
    I remember the first day
    That your voice reached my ears
    The sound of that first word
    Couldn't be replaced in years
    "Daddy"; the way your lips formed the word
    Made my insides grind to a stop
    And I felt so full of pride for you
    That I thought I might pop
    When you opened your mouth and my name tumbled out
    I couldn't believe the sound in my ears
    And the first time I heard it
    Is an experience that won't be doubled in all my years
    I can't remember all the firsts
    We shared a lot of them, though
    And I wish that you were still here
    We've got so many more firsts to go
    The first time you drove a car
    The look that was on your face
    Or that first time that you were in high school
    And you'd won the track team their race
    The first job that you got on your own
    The first time you went out on a date
    Or the look in your eyes
    The first time you believed in fate
    I wanted to share with you
    The first game of the season
    And listen to excuses
    When you came home late for no reason
    I didn't get to see your wedding
    Or your children and wife
    I feel like I got cheated out
    Of watching you experience life
    You shouldn't have had to go just yet
    There's so many things you haven't tried
    And there's so many more firsts we could've had
    If only you had not died

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