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ariana (fireunderrain) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 19:33:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:sleater-kinney "milkshake n' honey"

    wows im writting in here a whole lot huh. this will be like the fourth time today? maybe. maybe the third. yeah. me n krystal r fighting. she pisses me off in general with her immaturity and so...when she did that thing that i wont say to amber after i told her about it. i told her not to repeat it to anyone but then she did to amber....grr. so it caused a little like.....what...semi tiny bump? i was upset for a few hours...and she was as well for a bit...but its all good now. i know in my head that it is all my fault and i told amber this but basically im just using it as an excuse to be pissed off at her and not talk to her again. i was like, "what fucking part of dont repeat this didn't you understand!?" etc... so yeppers.
    i guess this kid at wpms was talking shit about me n amber cuz brit has a pic of us in her locker. and i know this kid. and so im gonna go tell him off or maybe kik his ass. names andy. well i g2g soon.
    im mad at jessica right now too. she said mean things. thanks a lot.
    meh. tomorrow amber will be at skool. YAY! its worth going to now. weee. i have C lunch tomorrow praise allah.
    well adios.
    oh yeah and i hate amber's dad he needs to burn in a fire. asshole. i love you amber when u get a chance to read this. ill never be like him
    bye bye

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