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Rocker Girl (firesign82) wrote,
@ 2005-03-11 18:28:00
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    20 years ago I...
    1. was 3
    2. was in preschool/daycare
    3. was living with my mom and dad

    10 years ago I...
    1. had friends spend the night every weekend
    2. we won our first choir competition
    3. was living with my mom and her third husband and my stepbrother

    5 years ago I...
    1. lived in the dorms
    2. was an art major
    3. hated life

    3 years ago I...
    1. was dating Justin
    2. was still living in the shitty house with all the girls
    3. took my first big concert road trip

    1 year ago I...
    1. was living here
    2. was dating Corey
    3. was depressed and cried every day

    So far this year I...
    1. had Beth move in with me
    2. still dating Corey
    3. happier than last year

    Yesterday I...
    1. taught high school
    2. directed a 2nd grade choir program
    3. went to bed earlier than usual

    Today I...
    1. taught high school, but left early
    2. went to the laundromat
    3. am pissed because my plans for tonight are probably going to get cancelled

    Tomorrow I will...
    1. sleep in
    2. go to Jessica's recital
    3. go to work

    In the next year...
    1. probably move to Charleston
    2. get a real job
    3. See a few concerts

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