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D (firecracker07) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 11:01:00
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    Current mood:wondering

    dont know anymore...
    Of course last nite I hung out with Matt-good times as always-good times that turn into serious talks bout serious "grown up" things. Not bad but at the same times its things we put out there bout ourselves. Sore subject came up bout Rocks-I am glad I told him how she makes me feel and that I had never had anyone make me doubt myself or feel stupid like she did. Hey...she's suppose to be my friend and semi-know me so I would think that maybe she knows something I dont know and wants to inform me and help a sister out. But of course nah, nah not my Rocks. She wants to help u out but she does it in the worst way. The only way she knows, and thats by being mean and making you feel stupid. So I learned and figured out a lot a shit bout myself and my friendships. Sucks that it took to be drunk hahaa for all this to come about but I am over it hehe. It works and why fix it if its still ticking. I had a fun time. The hermans hung out! Huge nite. We all have good family dynammics. I love to see us all interact. We are really funny to watch-maggie being a princess and the pea, coll-being all loud and dramatic, mimi and her ghetto talking and funny random comments (which by the way, make sense and that is why they are even more funny) and matty-just being matty and tryin to make everyone happy and content as usual. I dont know how to take everything in from last nite and what to do, but I do know that I just gotta set certain things straight with myself. And stop getting played like a fuckin fiddle (uggghhh) and just DO ME! BOOYA...and not that I havent been doin me but if i dont feel a certain way, fuck tryin to listen and see their side-nah nah just let it be my way and fuck everything they think. I just broke the fiddle stick and be played on it anymore.

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