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The Cries of a Tortured Soul (finishmeoff) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 19:35:00
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    Today, I woke up to my dad saying I never called him. I reminded him of the great mistake he made. He shut up. My mom took all of us out to the OB diner. The waitress was so nice, but my family was so rude. They all had frickin’ attitudes. I felt embarassed to sit with them. We came home, and I set out to pick up my pictures and then I went to Jenn’s for awhile. My stomach killed, so I ended my journey.
    When I came home, my sister’s friend was over. She was SLAMMING on one of my children! MY PIANO! AHH! I retreated to my room in anguish. Her friend called my sister’s best friend and left degrading messages. Her best friend is the nicest girl I know. How could she leave messages like that?
    Then, my mom came home from shopping, and she was pissed the house was a mess. #1 my dad is very messy, #2 my sister’s friends are messy. The house was pitiful. My mom got angry at all of us. My dad put blame on me. I yelled at my dad. Then, my sister was really hungry, but no one wanted to make dinner. They all argued like fucking kids.
    My dad and mom were coming after my sister in the kitchen. They had her backed up to the door. As soon as they were about to beat my sister, I stepped in the way to defend her and took the blow for the brat. They looked at me with anger for getting in the way. I wouldn’t move. I hate when I look around me. My FAMILY is shit. They’re always making a big deal on little things, but never focus on REAL problems. My friends are hypocrites and will not permit people to be themselves. I’m ready to blow up the world. What the fuck happened to it? Well, I’m going to go.

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