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Z i P per S (finchfourever) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 08:52:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Finch- Without You

    Alright well this is my first journal entry and geuss whose gonna read it? Nobody!!!!! hahahaha isn't that funny im like writing in this stupid lil journal thing or whatever and look at me just typing away, hmmm im sure somebody will read it, maybe me, i might read it...shit i wonder how many guys do this thing...i hope im not the only one. Ah who knows i can always just block whoever the fuck i want, Yay! anyway so here i go.

    Ok so i woke up this morning at like maybe 7 in the morning after going to bed this morning at like 2 cuz i dunno, aderal is a bitch. I think i might of said somethin about this in my profile by accident cuz i was THAT bored. sorry so yea i was like sleeping and my mom opens the door and says "Zak? were leaving now to go to the beach ok? are you awake?" im like, " uhhh whaa... ya mom goobye havfun.." lol i said it something like that. Shes like in a very nice tone, "Well you know not to have anyone in the house while were gone ok? Alright love you sweety cya in a few days." She leaves quietly and closes the door.

    5 Minutes later theres raucous downstairs and lots of noise

    5 More minutes later....

    Doors slams open.
    " ZAK WHERE DID YOU PUT THE FUCKING KEYS TO THE CAR??!!", im like " huh what" lol yup confused and clueless of what was even going on. So then i got up, we all started looking for her car keys and yea shes always misplacing her shit and blaming it on me cuz she has no one else or, or no one else to blame who won't retaliate back at her, me lol. Yea i pretty much take shit from everybody and just forget about it later, otherwise i just go to my room and play my music really loud and annoy the fuck out of everybody, lol. I love it when everybody is like quiet for like a lil while and then i go downstairs, turn my stereo up really loud and then blast finch, hahaha and literally everybody in the house gets downstairs within a minimum of 3 seconds. All at the same time, yelling and screaming at me. ha im just such a nuissance!! i geuss thats why i got a job so i could not infect everyone with my personality and honestly i don't have a bad personality its just that everyone in my family is ADD except me lol and whenever they want attention they get it, but whenever i wanna make a scene. im the asshole lol. So strange how some families work. I geuss we normal ones that are left who aren't ADD are now the minority of the populous. ummmm yeea...

    Anyway we finally found the keys, my mom had hid them behind the can-opener machine, and i had taken them out from behind it walked into the room and was like, "yea mom heres your fucking keys." LOL, haha well yea so i think that was the highlight of the morning i think, even tho i never wake up this early so anyway i think im going to get dressed and go lift at the Y and since nobody is home i might have a party and invite myself, yay!!!

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