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leiah (fiftylashes) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 17:33:00
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    be realistic, people.
    obviously even i am incapable of being realistic. obviously i am incapable of thinking things through. even i am incapable of deciding. i am human!
    i started hanging out with kristina again. angie doesn't know. except for when heather told her that she saw me and kristina and arthur at the gas station. okay, so she has SOME idea. but she doesn't know the half of it. i KNOW that kristina was mean to me, i remember how depressed i was. but look at me now. i'm so annoyed with everything. am i overreacting? is what i see real, or just something my imagination created? am i supposed to be friends with kristina again? am i supposed to tell angie about it? will angie not want to hang out with me anymore?
    kristina has something on me already. i spilled my heart to her. i know she won't tell. i trust kristina - to an extent. kristina understands me, she knows me. she should! we were friends for almost 5 years! angie knows who i am, she knows my habits. she doesn't know who i like. or does she? does she know me well enough to guess? kristina is smart. she is confident.
    i'll finish later.

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