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Ferris (ferrisbueller) wrote,
@ 2004-02-26 22:55:00
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    Current mood: complacent
    Current music:Mae

    Lots of stuff that I don't feel like listing out tonight.
    Whoa, somebody must've took my complaints seriously this time. The site's faster. Or maybe it's just less busy at almost eleven at night, so it's therefore faster. Anyway.

    Today was pretty cool. Except it was my turn to seriously piss my friend off. But he'll get over it. I didn't go to his band thing today. I went to Scarborough. Hung out there for a bit. Got chased off by a five year old. Felt like I was interrupting something. Started to walk Tim home, because I didn't have to be home till later, then turned and walked to my house. That was neat. So yeah, I went home then. I played Tyler in checkers. But he "got disconnected" I'm sure that's what happened. So we called it a draw. Haha, and I spent a lot of time looking at the Musician's Friend catalog. I love that thing. It's so cool, and I learn a lot as I'm being relentlesely advertised to.

    Mae's what I'm currently listening to, and I'm still pissed about that concert.

    So it's like 7 tonight. Nobody has called, everybody seems to be doing something. So I figure it'll be a night at home. Which wasn't too bad, because I figure, heck, I can do stuff tomorrow. My dad kinda was starting to watch this Ben-Hur movie. So I might've started to watch that, or played guitar. But my doorbell rang. Whoa. People don't come to my house that much. It was Mike. Caitlan, Thomas, and Melissa were out in Melissa's car. So after arguing with my dad about what time I was coming home, I went with them. (If it was my mom, it would be cool, but since it was my dad, he was like 9:30, and so I was like 10. He settled for that, I still thought 10:30 was reasonable though). They went and got Amanda. And we all just chilled at Caitlan's crib. (I'm sorry, I just said chilled, and so the "crib" thing just comes naturally after that). We played cards. It was actually rather enjoyable. I feel bad for Thomas though. Everything is his fault. At least in Caitlan's mind.

    Oh, and Melissa says to mike,"Hey I thought I was supposed to meet that guy with the reall big-" and Caitlan hit Melissa, with seemingly a lot of force, to shut her up. Melissa swears she was gonna say nose, but we all knew the truth. Then Mike said something about, "well he does wear size 13 shoes." And I said, "I wear size 13 shoes!" Everybody found that really funny. I don't know what they were laughing at, I mean, I was just mentioning my shoe size. They were the one's putting things together in their mind.

    So yeah, except for the fact that I feel bad about missing the band thing, I had a pretty awesome day. Tim is the coolest guy I know. Seriously. My brother came with me to Scarborough. It was funny, he didn't say much. Just took it all in. After we started walking back towards my house, he says to me, "So that's what your life is like?" I didn't know if that was a compliment or not. But I found it funny.

    Anyway, that was about it. I know this was one of those day entries. But I guess there are times where I want to talk about my day. And so...I will. Hahaha. Everybody...nevermind there is no everybody. I'll just put that on my xanga. I'm out!

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