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FeistynFlirty (feistynflirty) wrote,
@ 2002-11-05 01:03:00
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    Current mood:awake

    why can't i sleep? arrgh
    i fell asleep easily tonight about 10, thinking i haven't slept that well in a few days, so i figured what the hey, i'll sleep through the night. WRONG! needless to say, i'm wide awake, and incredibly bored. go figure. that and i'm searching aimlessly for something ANYTHING to write about. i get this way sometimes, where i go to bed early and sleep through the entire night, then there are nights that its very restless, and i get less than four hours tops. wow what a way to live huh? i keep wondering if this has some negative effect on my health in the long run. i know it has to. i've been also sporting a headache since i've gotten off of work earlier this evening. not to mention me coming down with a cold is just slowly creeping up on me. i'm homping to fend it off with all the oj i've been consuming, but it doesn't seem to want to go away. i've tried the tylenol thing, the cold washrag thing (which put me to sleep), and just SLEEPING. wonder if it could be a migraine, or the start of the flu....any doctors out there care to make a small analysis? how about any phd's in psychology care to take a crack at my poor sleeping habits? or is that a whole 'nother doctor?
    well i've vicarously TRIED to use proper capitalization and punctuation and non run-on sentences, but here i am at almost 1am, FAILING! to think throughout high school, i would never fail at anything. one would think my habits would be the same. ok, so i'm just being lazy!

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