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Ally (feilerrr) wrote,
@ 2003-05-29 17:39:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:Other Side -ReD hoT ChIlI PePPeRz

    hmm... tired as hell
    Ayy ya'all... been doing math homework alll day and night. w/e tho! I was gonna go to U.S.Y tonite, but for some reaosn im not. w/e no big! uHm... yesterday at ttc i had fun... well, i think i like this guy... but i cant bcus he doesnt live close enough. fuckk. why do i always do this to myself. and uhm what else? i got soooo much stuff ta do, so i just wanted to say hi... and laterrr ... oh yea.. got my ticket for RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS concert... missing the student council banquet :(... but i wudnt get back to miami in time anyways. :(... sadd. laterr

    i gotta get rid of all these quiz's....
    You are a Thong! You're put together, and sexy in a
    subtle, classy way. Your thong is not the type
    to peek out of your pants--no, you wear it
    because panty lines just wouldn't suit with
    your classy demeanor. Plus, it makes you feel

    What kind of underwear are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    You are "Sponga"!

    What word are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    You're not crazy. In fact, you're so normal you
    make me sick.

    Are you crazy? No, really... Are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    fundamentalist -you don't believe in the "supreme being named god"

    What do you believe about God?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Congradulations your Katinka!

    Which Zoolander Character Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Good for you! You know a good amount about the Goo
    Goo Dolls...

    20 Questions
    brought to you by Quizilla

    You are Samantha! You are confused and lonely.
    You love your friends though.

    Which Now and Then girl are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    ur sweet and sour. or has i like to call it
    "perfect". especially for this world.

    Are you sweet or Sour?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Your undies are fabulous. Lime Green with Pink
    Polka-Dots positively SCREAMS "F*** ME!
    I'm the horniest creature alive!!!"

    What color are YOUR undies?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    you're a double vodka and red bull. you've got the
    party spirit, but you're slightly classier than
    the rest of these inbredz. always up for it but
    you don't want to get your hands dirty in the
    process. probably best suited to posh pubs and
    smart clubs where no-one's gonna come along and
    mess up your hair..

    what type of drink are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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