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Carrie (feelinsogood618) wrote,
@ 2003-02-04 16:04:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Adema- The Way You Like It

    !`!`!`tOday was an awesOme day`!`!`!

    we didn't really dO tOo much in all any of my classes.

    *5th periOd was sOo fun. my teacher wasn't there ~n~ we had a sub..sOo Of cOurse everyOne was just f'N arOund ~n~ stuff... we were suppOsed tO be watchin sOme stupid mOvie, buT the sub didn't really care b'cuz she was On the phOne Lyk the whOle time. hmm... sO yah..riley's in that class with me, sOo we just hung out tOgether and made Out in the back Of the class. haha. the lightzz were Off sOo it's not like anyOne cOuld see us. i finally tOld him a secret that i've been needin' tO tell him fOr a while nOw... i'm bi. he was cOoL with it.. *thank gOd* he just said he dOesn't want me with any girls, but it's Ok if I think they're cute. haha. that's gOod, b'cuz i dOn't get in relatiOnships w/ chicks anyway. they're just fun tO mess with. ;) heh. yeah, i'm just sOo glad i gOt that Off my chest b/c nOw i feel like i'm cOmpletely hOnest w/ him. ::sighzz:: i luv him sOo much. he's the best. <3

    sOrry that i'm juss rambling On ~n~ On...

    well, after school-> i went tO his hOuse fOr like a half an hOur. it wuzz just us there.. :) he had tO gO tO wOrk thOugh.. sO nOw here i am.

    well that's all i have tO say. plzz add me tO yOur friend's listies, b/c i'm new here and friendless! ::cries::


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