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Carrie (feelinsogood618) wrote,
@ 2003-02-09 17:50:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:JLO all I have

    guEzz wh0ze baCc?
    hey hunz.. i haven`t updated in a c0uple days.. seemz lyk f0rever! n0thing to0 excitinq has happened recently.. just the same stuff. 0f courze i've been hanginq 0ut with riley basically everyday*!! i am s0o happy thinqz are q0inq s0o well between us. i've never kn0wn a l0ve lyk this bef0re. <333

    uMm.. h0w have all y0u blurty qirlz been d0inq? s0rry i've been slackin 0ff 0n c0mmentin.. u kn0 i luv yaz much

    imma take a survey...

    *~!-SuRvEy FoR gIrLz OnLy-!~*
    full name: carrie lee jameson
    date of birth: 6/18/87
    age: 15
    location: fl0rida
    sex: babii qirl
    hair: sh0ulder lenqth, br0wn w/ bl0nde hiqhliqhts
    eye color: deep br0wn
    height: 5'4''
    weight: 105lbz.
    bra size: 34C
    pant size: 1
    shirt size: S
    panty size: S
    any piercings: 2 in each ear, my belly butt0n, my t0ngue, *&* s0on maybEe s0methin else ;]
    boyfriend/girlfriend: yezzz, riley :]

    *~!-ArE yOu...-!~*
    tan or pale: verii nice tan
    short or tall: imma shortii
    pretty or ugly: im satisfied w/ mah lo0kz
    brunette or blonde: b0th
    skinny or fat: skinnii

    *~!-PeRsOnAL Qs-!~*
    sexuality: bisexual
    are you a virgin: n0pe
    do you masturbate: every0ne d0es *&* they're lyin if they say they d0n't
    been kissed: yes
    with tongue: yea
    kissed someone of the same sex: yeah
    been fingered: yea
    fingered someone else: yes i have
    given head: yep
    gotten it: u c0uld say that hah

    color: pink
    show: real world
    number: 69
    time of day: night
    place: rileyz armz
    nickname: care bear
    friend: hmm..?

    <3__Carrie__ xOxOx

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