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Carole Woodworth (featheryasp) wrote,
@ 2004-06-09 23:45:00
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    Current mood:indescribable
    Current music:whatever-Godsmack

    my friends are leaving me.
    sorry i havent been on in a while. well as the title says, my friends are leaving me. sean is either moving soon or already has moved to pennsylvania and lindsay is moving to georgia tomorrow. sean's is more than likely permanent, but lindsay will be back in 3 years when her hubby is done w/the army. but everything will be ok, they both are gonna come back and visit. in brighter news, i have a bf, that i have been w/for almost 2 months now. his name is andrew. omigod, he is so sexy, no one even knows. he makes me happy too. he is so sweet to me, and he is one of the few ppl that make me actually happy. he knows how to make me happy. i want to keep this one, i really do. he is just so wonderful. he's funny, he can cook, he is a clean freak so i know that if i move in w/him, the house will always be clean. if i dont keep it clean, he will. he's talented; he can draw, he can rap to pretty much anything, he knows how to work it in anything he wants to ;) , he keeps it real. he is just so wonderful. im happy with this catch, and i dont think i'l be throwing it back anytime soon. well, im done for tonight, be back as soon as i remember to. chao.

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