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Fat Nat's (fatnat) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 21:47:00
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    sleepiness devours him...
    I'm so damn tired. I want to sleep for 6 weeks right now. Anyways, that's just a sign that I had a busy day today, which I did indeed! Today got off to a good start because I found out I got an A- in my government class which means 4.0 BABY!!! And I desperately need that because Im still trying to raise my Cumulative and state GPA's for college since I fucked up my sophomore year, enough of that though. SO yea the rest of the day was same ol' same ol'...I'm getting tired of leadership tho, it's starting to become a drag to go to that class everyday just because Mrs. Hebert is making us look like a joke again. I hate to say it but I miss Mrs. Ogden, oh well. So wrestling was cool today. There were practically NO middle weights again today so I kicked ass in King of the matt, until I had to wrestle Marco, he doesn't count tho because he's fat and all he does is falls on me. Anyways so we went and inspected all the float sites, yada yada, I came home healla early thinking my dad would be mad at me but instead I walk in the door and he's cussing at me for some bullshit I didn't even do and now I'm going to bed.

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