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Jake Callahan (farnung65) wrote,
@ 2012-05-05 14:51:00
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    Lego Kingdoms Medieval Lego for a New Generation
    Lego Kingdoms is a new range of medieval-themed Lego sets released in 2010. This follows on within the top-selling Lego Castles sets plus similarly revolves about knights, castles, struggles plus princesses.

    The background goes which the favorable King has reigned justly plus fairly, nowadays he or she is up against a threat in the form of the evil Dragon Knights, who have designs on his kingdom. He must defend it at all bills!

    As you are able to accumulate, there are good men plus bad men - the former boast many fortifications, in particular the biggest blow the Lego Kingdoms range and also the heftiest yet many worthwhile investment, the King's Castle, which includes no not as much as 933 pieces - enough to keep the children busy till upcoming Christmas!

    The Dragon Knights, the bad men, largely have offensive features, with siege equipment including a catapult that flings Lego stones up against the King's strongholds (or into Dad's cup of coffee)!

    Castles, kings, kingdoms plus princesses - these are evergreen Lego themes for a new generation plus it is very hard to fail with this range.

    Here are several of the key sets in this series:

    Lego Kingdoms King's Castle

    The valiant King must secure his castle against a marauding adversary. As revealed earlier, the castle is the major blow the Kingdoms range, at 933 pieces, plus should you are getting to purchase 1 set for your children, going to the 1. It will keep them going until they go off to college!

    Lego Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue

    The King's Knight on his white horse is tasked with saving the Princess within the clutches of the Dragon Knights in their Prison Tower Stronghold (currently the only 'bad guy' fortification), avoiding a cauldron of cooking oil plus a catapult because he does thus.

    Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar

    The Advent Calendar counts down the 24 days of December before Christmas (for any year) plus offers a different Lego develop every day to keep the youngsters busy throughout the vacations.

    There are equally many other smaller sets providing other situations plus pieces, including a horse plus carriage plus a court jester, and numerous other minifigures.

    This range may well not be an absolute classic from Lego. There have been several criticisms that it range is no wonderful advancement over its precursor, the Castles range, it is appears improbable which Lego would reinvent the wheel when they have a successful formula, plus no question Lego Kingdoms are snapped upwards by a new generation of Lego fans plus become a fondly remembered part of their childhood.

    lego kingdom sets

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