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A quietly violent child (famousamos101) wrote,
@ 2004-06-26 23:22:00
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    Wow. Great, my first journal entry. I feel very wierd doing this.. I dont like sharing my feelings much with people I dont know or don't trust. Eh, I guess I better get used to talking to people I don't trust. Im sitting her at eleven thirty at night with my really good friend, Bill, saying the stupidest things we can think of out of pure boredom. How fun. Oh yes, I guess I should explain a little bit about myself. Im fourteen in August, my hair is a light brown hair and I get blonde streaks in the summer. Im 5'6", one-hundred thirty pounds and my favourite sports are Soccer, Rugby, Football, and fighting on the judo mats. My favourite person is my girlfriend, Jessica MacQueen. :D Anyways, enough about me, more about journal bullshit that I should be writing..

    Okay, I was at first really bored whn I got up this mornin, because it was really early. I went down, ate shreddies, played some B-ball. How great. I really suck, but Im getting better... My day improved alot when Jess called.. I seem to be talking on the phone alot with her and Brittany. I sorta felt bad when Brittany kept calling me gay and being really mean, but later she apologized. I was happy again. I went to get my friend Bill to cme over, and when he did, him and I just sat there and talked on the phone with Jess. It was very interesting indeed. I was complimented later, by Brittany when she read the poem I wrote for Jess. Anyways, going to do something with my life before I shrivel up and die. Bye all!

    Written by,
    Chris Amos. (Love ya Jess!)

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