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loser with a coupon (falltopieces) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 19:27:00
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    Current mood: blank

    I fixed my own tv.  I figured it had to be something with the coaxial connection.  When I was hooking up my dvd player, the wire popped off and my dad gave me these screw on ones.  They're kinda bleh, but, they work.. up until now.
    So I just fixed it and we're good.

    I just asked Jessica Kearnes for Alexis' sn, I realized I have nothing of her new connections.  So, I got it and passed her along a message of a Happy Birthday. =D

    I'm on the phone with Carissa now.
    ::In a fake heavy Texan accent::
    "Shake MAH Hand!"
    "How ya doin??"
    Mind you, the child was born in Virginia and now currently resides in Florida.

    In talking to Tina the other night/day, I've decided that I wish to not be bothered with crushes. It's like being lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood while on a road trip. You find this one road that looks promising and might get you back on the course to your desired place of interest, but all it really was was a dead end street. False hope maybe? I might eat my words later, I might not. I just wish I hadn't made such a big deal of it before. I feel like I am back in ufcking high school and I am setting myself up for a loss. I'm not saying this in massive despair,.. the way my journals used to be. Just I wish I could say, "I can't care." but the truth is, I do. And I want this to work out with the most prime ending possible. But, le sigh, who knows.

    Bleh, my make up is a mess from the day's travels, off to fix it and then say hello to family on their way over for Mom's birthday. =D

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