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.x.stars are forever.x. (fallingstarr) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 04:40:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    well yesterday was the first day of school. yay what fun? it really wasnt that bad. i was kinda excited. jacqueline is in every one of my classes. so i know i will have someone. im excited about photography. but i have to change cosmetology. i dont want to be in there any more. you have to have all this money to pay for all this stuff and its from 2-4. no one told us any of this when we signed up for it. so now i have to fine all new 4 blocks for both semesters. so i went to guidance today to try to talk to them about it. they are only doing holes right now. they arent doing changed yet. and i have to get everything straight with cosme. because we have to have everything by monday. there is no way i can get $250 for a kit, go buy scrubs and shoes. i dont have the money. and i dont think its right that we werent told any of this when we signed up. so if i cant change classes, im screwed. i dont want to be in there. if i do get to change, i dont know what i will change to. i dont want to be in some stupid class with a bunch of people i dont know. but today was good. i had to go to ACC for cosmetology. they let us go early yesterday. but today we had to stay until 4:00. that sucks. i dont want to be in school until 4. im so mad. its not fair. and for the parking tickets, they are having a lottery or something. because so many people drive. but one of my teachers said that we will get a parking place because of the class. early childhood. we have to leave and go to the elementary schools and help the kids. so some of us have to drive. there are only about 5 of us who drive. so we should get places. but im going. shane should be calling soon. bye!

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