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.x.stars are forever.x. (fallingstarr) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 01:21:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    another one...
    gah! i have to work again today! i have tomorrow off! finally! but i have to work friday and saturday. here is another survey. i just enjoy filling these out for some odd reason...

    +first grade teacher's name: why do these things always ask about my first grade teacher?
    +last song you sang: i dont was last night when i sang last.
    +last person you hugged: shane
    +last thing you laughed at: a few minutes ago when my cat was crunching on uncooked spaghetti noodles
    +last time you said "i love you": about 30 minutes ago
    +last time you cried: last night

    +what's in your cd player: nothing.
    +what color socks are you wearing: no socks
    +what's under your bed: nothing. my mattress is on the floor. so nothing can go under it
    +what time did you wake up today: 11:00

    +where do you want to go: jamaica. cancun. the virgin islands. england. germany. france. new york. california. australia.
    +where are you going to live: florida
    +virginia or pennsylvania: never been to either.
    +how many kids do you want: 2
    +what kind of car will you have: honda

    +current taste: orange juice
    +current hair: down
    +current clothes: my pjs
    +current smell: air
    +current longing: to see shane and not to fight with him
    +current destop picture: nothing.
    +current favorite music artist: the ataris-always a fave
    +current book: thin skin
    +current worry: nothing
    +current time-wasting wish: i wish i was swimming in florida
    +current Love: shaney waney
    +current hate: ashley. someone i will always hate=liza
    +story behind your blurty username: i love stars
    +current favorite article of clothing: my jeans
    +favorite physical feature of the oppisite sex:
    +last CD that you bought: i wouldnt have to buy cds if kazaa worked. michelle branch was the last i bought
    +favorite place to be: florida
    +least favorite place: work..since i started working there more and more things start to piss me off
    +strong in mind or strong in body: Mind
    +time you wake up in the morning: 11:00
    +if you could play any instrument, what would it be: guitar
    +favorite color: i dont want to list them all right now.
    +do you believe in an afterlife? perhaps
    +how tall are you? 5'6
    +current favorite word: yay
    +favorite book: dont have one
    +favorite season: spring
    +one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: my dads dad..i never got to meet him. he passed away while my dad was a teenager
    +one person you wish was here right now: shane
    +favorite day: off work
    +favorite lyric: i dont know
    +ever been in love? i am right now <3<3

    -----------------GENERAL INFO---------------------
    * Birth Date: 2/26
    * Nicknames: dont want to list these again either.
    * Age: 17
    * Location: burlington
    * E-mail:
    * Colour of eyes: brown
    * Hair: reddish brown
    * Height: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ up there somewhere
    * Shoe Size: 8.5-9
    * Brothers/Sisters: sister shannon
    * Whens ur bedtime?: Whenver
    * Who do you cry with: myself..and used to cry with jacqueline
    * When you last cried the most: when shane broke up with me for a stupid bitch
    * Worst Feeling: not being able to be with the one you love. finding out your boyfriend cheated on you
    * Who will respond to this fastest: its going in my journal
    -------------- MORE --------------------
    birthplace: burlington
    hair colour: ...............
    eye colour: ....................
    height: .........................
    ethnicity: caucasion
    hair style: a little below my chin
    tattoos: none
    piercings: ears.belly
    fave lipstick color: dont wear lipstick
    fave nailpolish color: i don't like nailpolish..i always bite it off
    fave eyeliner: black
    fave makeup brand: i hate makeup
    are you a good student? i try
    are you currently in a relationship? yes
    best friend: shane.karen.
    do you believe in reincarnation? i dont know
    do you believe in astrology? uhm i dunno
    what's your sign? pisces
    wheels: white '91 honda accord
    do you have a deep dark secret no one knows except you? no
    do you like your body? noo
    fave pair of underwear: thongs
    fave movies: im not naming these again
    movie you saw last: i dont know..
    fave books: don have one
    book you read last: nothing
    5 albums you couldn't live without: i dont know
    fave beverage: orange juice
    fave candy: chocolate
    fave colour: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    fave season: spring
    fave cartoon: spongebob
    fave t-shirt: love is...
    fave pair of jeans: um..they are jeans
    fave jacket/coat: i dont have a coat..i wear hoodies <3
    fave article of clothing: my jeans
    fave place to buy clothes: anywhere
    fave designer: don't care much
    fave model: i dont know
    dream job: marine biologist
    have you ever lost someone you loved? yes
    night or day? Night
    top or bottom? top
    coke or pepsi? either
    number of pillows: 3
    drug of choice: marijuana
    what are you wearing right now? ekk, i already told you
    what's next to you on the right? nothing
    on the left? window
    when do you get up in the morning? when i want
    who do you talk to the most online? no one
    what sites do you visit most online? blurty
    are you part of any online communities? a couple
    fave font: I DONT HAVE ONE
    ------------ ONE MORE!!!-------------
    the "what do you think of...." survey: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
    what do you think of life? Its great, even though it sucks most of the time, im glad to be here
    what do you think of racism? anyone who is racist is terrible
    what do you think of religion? freedom of religion
    what do you think of death? Its part of life, but it scares me
    what do you think of drugs? if you want to do it, do it. but be careful
    what do you think of legalizing marijuana? they should legalize it. its not bad at all.
    what do you think of alcohol? if you want to drink, drink. but i dont. it just leaves you with a hangover. and it sucks.
    what do you think of getting drunk? it sucks
    what do you think of drunk people? very very funny!!
    what do you think of acid? Im never doing it.
    ..labels.. (i hate labels)
    what do you think of emo? its fine
    what do you think of punk? its fine
    what do you think of goth? it's fine
    what to you think of preps? i hate preps
    what do you think of rednecks? um...
    what do you think of the drama/theater folks? they are cool
    what do you think of the artsy kids? they are cool too
    what do you think of the stoners? the majority of my friends are stoners
    what do you think of the whiggas? oh no..
    what do you think of hippies? hippies are great
    what do you think of freaks? im fine with them
    what do you think of sex? its great!!
    what do you think of boys? i love my shane
    what do you think of girls? we create drama.
    what do you think of gay men? im fine with them
    what do you think of lesbians? fine with them too
    would you ever kiss someone of the same sex as you? i have...haha guess who it was!!
    what do you think of cross-dressers? kinda weird..but if thats what you want to do..
    what do you think of surgically changing your gender? w/e
    what do you think of men growing boobs? AHHHHH
    what do you think of masterbation? if you dont have anyone, go for it
    what do you think of people who cry a lot? they are perfectly fine.
    what if it's your girlfriend/boyfriend? i'll comfort him
    what do you think of couples? Cute
    what do you think of people who dress in stripper-like clothes in public? Looking for attention
    what do you think of people who dye their hair? i dye my hair
    what do you think of people with mohawks? do what you want.
    what if it's a girl? good for them for being origional
    what do you think of people who smoke cigs? its their loss
    what do you think of people who are in jail? they're dumb
    what do you think of rapists? bastards
    what do you think of reporters? its their job. but sometimes they need to leave it alone.
    what do you think of famous people? um..they are people too.they arent any better than any of us.
    what do you think of fat people? they are people too. they shouldnt be treated any different. they shouldnt be picked on.
    what do you think of skinney people? they are cool
    what do you think of short people? just about all of my friends are shorter than me. i have several friends who are just at 5 ft

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