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Fallen Angel (fallen_angel87) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 19:12:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Lacuna Coil - "Heaven is a Lie"

    yesterday was such a fun day! so the morning started out pretty shitt-ily. i watched tv and was bored as fuck. so jj called and i called him and we almost played phone tag a couple times, it was amusing... but he had to work until like noon thirty ish (oh no!) but he came over at like one something. and we chilled in my basement and it was cold as fuck (the only place in my house that isnt like ten million thousand degrees, my house is so hot) anywho. we got under a blanket and watched tv and chilled out. it was awesome. we cuddled and stuff. and he asked me out!!!!! MAJOR JOY! *runs around basement clapping hands* this boy is so great. and yesterday was moo and adam's three month and jj asked me out on the same day. how great! he stayed from like one until six something. and he said that cuddling was fun and stuff, which is good because im not going to be a slut and do a lot of shit with him and he should know that, and he's done a lot. and that worries me, i really dont wanna end up becoming a slut (BAD ME!) so yay, i have a boyfriend. we were talking about how he forgets to call and stuff (tres annoying!!!) and i mentioned how peter forgot to come over (FUCKER!) and jj said he wouldnt do that. and honestly, that would really get on my last nerves if jj did the same stuff peter did. i mean they are COMPLETLY different but i really hope the same thing doesnt happen. i would cry. i feel paranoid right now. i really hope that nothing bad will happen, god, im so fucking paranoid. but jj is great and i really really really like him, which is hella obvious cuz i talk about him all the time, and im sure all my friends are hella annoyed with me by now, so i prolly should stop talking about him now...
    so after jj lefted, i talked to mickey on the phone and jen came over and we went to birmingham. we ate at coney (where the mean pplz are!!!!) and we went to see the hulk and talked to becky. the movie sucked so we left early, but jen's daddy got us free food and that was hella great. jen and i walked around and we were talking about drugs and this random 21 year old comes up to us and joins in on the conversation. so we talked with him for a lil bit. it was quite amusing actually. he said that alcohol is a drug (i dont remember learning that in mr. green's class) but anywho. jen wanted to talk to jj so I called him up and jen stole the phone and she was talking to him and I got very frightened. Jen wants me to hook her up with one of jj’s friends ...

    well.. i cant really think of what else to write about so im outie. byee allz...

    <> Jewlia <>

    music: and i have something to say about this song/band, woohoo for me! so i was watching uranium (woohoo for juliya *i think i spelled her name right, i luv how she adds a "y" to it* anywho, that show is great and it has a lot of really good bands on there, and this is one of them, and this is a metal band where the lead singer is a girl, how much ass does that kick?! it rocks majorly, i <3 that so much! GIRL POWER!! : D yay for female pplz. guys are evil, as a matter of fact, fathers suck major ass. well.. im outie now! yay for the short song, another good thing about this band, the musical parts are really great, and there arent too much singing parts, the solos are long and thats really really really great.

    Lacuna Coil - "Heaven is a Lie"

    Oh no, here it is again
    I need to know when will fall in to decay
    Something wrong with every plan of my life
    I didn't really notice that you've been here

    Dolefully desired
    Destiny of a lie

    Set me free
    Your heaven's a lie
    Set me free with your love
    Set me free

    Oh no, here it is again
    I need to know why did I choose to betray you
    Something wrong with all the plans of my life
    I didn't realize that you've been here

    Dolefully desired
    Destiny of a lie

    Set me free
    Your heaven's a lie
    Set me free with your love
    Set me free

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