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alida (fakethepain) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 16:26:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:my chemical romance~CANT WAIT YAYYY

    i had a pretty eventful weekend..i havent updated in so long..well here goes..

    friday me austin and sean were off to the laville game and it was nice and austin sat on the tennis courts and looked at the moon that appeared to be an oversized tangerine dancing in the twilight..then we went back to karas and that was fun..i love kara..after her house i went back to austins and sadly went home

    saturday i did some house work then my dad got mad at me i got the crap outta there, went to austins, then to the show..then to bakers and to much to do so lil tiiime..i had fun at karas..ate worms..talked and talked..exchanged sketches..wonderful times..

    in the morning kara and me ate french toast with her parents..her dad was being very talkative and i got a good laugh in even though my eyes were so droopy i could count my eyelashes...i was very tired but church sort of woke me up..i loved karas quote "if you want to feel invisible or strange just come here" haha it stuck in my head for a long time..

    then i came home and went to not austins neighborhood(i wish :/) but the nature park was nice outside but i was pretty tired..i had fun though..on the way home we stopped by this lady selling stuff on the side of the road..i bought some cool little buttons..then i went home...

    i had a great conversation with austin on the phone that night..hes like sunshine...i need him to live but if i stare too long i get teary eyed ;) cheez cheez cheez..well then i had trouble getting to sleep and when i woke up i got sick..i didnt go to school and i was miserable today but i didnt want to miss work is a bitch...well that about covers the last few days...

    o yea my chemical romance and a static lullaby on sunday woop woop im happy kara and sean are going for sure too yessss have a lovely day in the beautiful, me

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