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alida (fakethepain) wrote,
@ 2003-09-17 20:26:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:oh cursive i love you

    gimme a bear hug ;)
    shiza im scared to write another freegin entry cuz they all keep getting lost so my fingers are hesitantly trembling as of now...well yesterday was euphoric beyond was a staggering visit....sooo much better than i though itd be..and it was out of nowhere too..i needed it too because i had a crappy sappy shit day...anyhoo so yea it was awesome last nite...umm i dont know when the last time i wrote about was but many fun things have happened...i had the best weekend of the life that is but about yesterday..i feel like unnecessarily talking about it because thats what i wanna do yea some ass took my sketchbook and felt like he needed to toss it around and rip the binding and show other assholes in his asshole club..i felt exposed in a bad way..those fucks..then as i tried to finish up my drawing in homeroom some dickhead that looks like kusco from the emperors new groove wouldnt stop looking over my shoulder and asking me pointless stupid shit..when i dont want to be bothered its no mystery...i guess he couldnt see past his emu snout or whatever the hell he is..."thank you stranger...for your theraputic smiiiiiilllee"- bright eyes ahh makes me joyous....anyway...i feel weird because i dont have any specific thing bothering me...i feel as if i should be bothered though..maybe im forgetting i talked to chad about going to the hot hot heat concert...thatd be really fun...i talked to him for a while today and i should more than i do...hes got such an insight about stuff and he knows of all my cooky bands that everyone else has to brush cobwebs out of their heads to think of...o yea last weekend i saw million dollar hotel...i wasnt enjoying it but i want to watch it again under more pleasant circumstances to do so...well things between my sister and i are officially dook-a-fied...shes got most of the things i despise about orange girls...that disappoints pretty happy lately at school because ive just about reached my desired loner status..i just dont want to be bothered...the past million years ive been in school no one has said anything honest and or worth listening to so im not about to start tolerating pointless conversations with people that are just going to stab me in the back down the happy i know nice people outside of school at least...and it goes without saying that austin keeps me livin...woopwoop ...i love the boy more than life..he is i got to thinking...what were you thinking alida...well i was thinking about how irresponsible and selfish my mom is...i think she was put here to give me reasons to cry and reasons to feel inferior and useless...thanks wonderous make my heart bleed...anyhoo..ive been instructed to "update the blurtation"...probably a good thing since im wasting letters with this bullpoo...nitenite love~ me

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